Be a quitter and see how your body blooms


Be a quitter and see how your body blooms

Be a quitter and see how your body blooms

Follow the START approach to quit smoking. S=Set a start date. T=Tell your family. A=Anticipate challenges. R=Remove cigarettes. T=Talk to your doctor for help. It is normal for anyone trying to quit smoking to go through the following emotional stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, and complacency. Put down the reason why you want to quit smoking on a piece of paper. This way you can read them when your motivation level drops.

Start on your quit smoking plan before your will gives away. Remove everything that reminds you of smoking. Wash your clothes and clean your car to remove the smell of smoke. When chain smokers leave smoking, their blood sugar levels drop, giving them mood swings. Drinking fruit juices or fresh fruits will provide natural fructose to compensate for this loss.

Diverting your mind by talking to a friend, eating, walking, etc. when you feel the urge to smoke will help you quit smoking. Mark each day that you did not smoke on the calendar in red, look at it every time you feel like giving up. Drink lots of water as it has been observed to reduce the craving.

Instead of setting up a goal of going without cigarettes for a year, set smaller, more achievable goals like a month or even a week. Every time you achieve a goal of going smoke free, reward yourself. This will keep you motivated & on track the program. Quitting smoking will not only give you health benefits but will also save you money. Keep a track of the money you have saved & spend it on something to reward yourself.

Did you know, it has been observed that if a chain smoker gets his teeth cleaned, he/she might not feel like smoking again?

Every time you have an urge to smoke do the following, take 10 deep breathes,  drink water, eat a snack (begin with candy & go on to healthy snacks like carrots, etc.). If you are substituting food for cigarette, take care to have low calorie food snacks like sugarless gums, popcorn without butter, etc.

It’s a good idea to keep your fingers busy with pencils, paper clips, etc to replace the feeling of a cigarette in your hands.

One should avoid acidic foods like, dairy products, meat, tea, coffee, etc., as smokers should follow a 20% acidic 80% alkaline food balance, for faster results. Taking Vit.C as it will help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms associated with trying to quit smoking better.

Did you know, drinking radish juice mixed with a little honey, twice a day has been seen to increase your body’s defense against smoking?

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Cold and Flu, Spot the Difference

Cold and Flu, Spot the Difference

Cold and Flu, Spot the Difference

Cold and flu, very common terms to be heard and then are not a single entity; they are different and have different methods of eradication. The two respiratory terms look quite similar in presentation, but belong to a different niche. Most believe flu to be a complicated form of cold due to their similar kind of clinical picture that erupts frequently in winters causing cough and throat issues. The following write-up is a concise text to educate every reader about the true essence of both and aid them with enough knowledge.

Length and severity of Cold and Flu

Cold is a lesser trivial throat infection that runs its course within 7 to 10 days and is usually ameliorated with home remedies, warmth, adequate covering and protection. It may arise in almost any season wherever the causative agent gets a loophole to evade.

Influenza on the other hand is a form of condition that may prove fatal if they remain unattended. It is a respiratory tract viral infection caused by the influenza virus causing a prolonged trouble of about 2 to 4 weeks.

Cold appears in the form of running nose, headache, mild fever alleviating with rest, whereas influenza runs a more impressive course with high fever, sneezing, running nose, tiredness, weakness, body ache and chest pains. The pains may be so marked that the patient may have to support the chest and then cough. The persistence and severity of the symptoms of both surely gives a clue to spot the difference between the two.

Course of Cold and Flu

As far as common cold is concerned, once established and cared upon timely and wisely, it shows the signs of improvement within days. Patient output and energy levels tend to rise with the each passing day. In case of influenza, there arises a short period of relief where one may feel that the things are getting back to normal but again the pneumonic respiratory troubles revert at once in severe degree. In case of children, parents must strictly follow up each phase and keep a track to control the issues.

People prone to Cold and Flu

Cold can almost happen to anyone in the vicinity of the agent, whereas influenza is particularly suspected in case of children with immature infrastructure, old people suffering some chronic ailment like a heart disease, cancer etc. Cigarette smoking, active or passive, air pollution also enhances the risk of developing influenza.

Treatment and prevention of Cold and Flu

As mentioned above, common cold is easy to cure even with homely measures while influenza needs more attention and care. The preventive measure for cold includes just cosy, warm and protected environment. As far as flu is concerned, the flu virus is highly adaptive and keeps coming back in newer forms, thus a vaccine is hard to develop. But the medicine field is still researching and assures to safeguard the people with newer vaccinations to each variable genre of the virus.

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