Interesting Pregnancy Myths

Just as pregnancy is a normal phenomenon, it is also intriguing and interesting. There are many couples who are quite eager to know whether the child is going to be a boy or a girl, or how he/she will look. That’s why many people do 4D Ultrasound after couple of months of pregnancy period to see the features and look of the infant. Owing to this special interest, there are special myths that are attached to pregnancy.

Some of most common conceptions which are myths are as follows:

Full moon and labor

It’s a very traditional myth that most women go into labor during the full moon. But how can it be true? The date of conception varies from woman to woman and innumerable people have been born on all different dates and months. So, such ideas are nothing but myths and do not hold any medical ground.

Spicy food induces labor 

This is a very popular myth and might be derived from the fact that spices agitate the metabolism due to which the pregnant lady can feel abdominal pain. This is sometimes confused with labor pain; at least by the first time would- be- mothers. Although spices can cause gastric problems, they can in no way affect the occurrence of labor.

Sex can bring labor

Usually sex is not considered a taboo during pregnancy as doctors do not stop the patients from having intercourse as long as there are no complications in the pregnancy. This is so because the amniotic sac attached to the abdominal wall has seven layers which keep the baby safe inside the womb from any injury. The cervix of the pregnant woman lengthens and becomes hard enough to protect the entry of anything inside the uterus. The mucus is produced by the cervix, so that the vagina remains clean and free of infection during this period. Hence, intercourse cannot harm the baby. So this myth about sex bringing labor is wrong.

Heartburn and baby with thick hair growth

Heartburn during pregnancy is quite common just as morning sickness or backache. But many believe that if a woman is suffering from heartburn during pregnancy, the baby will have thick growth of hair on the crown area. This has been proved untrue many times as there are many women who give birth to bald infant even after going through severe heartburn during pregnancy.

 Nose swelling and pregnancy

It is believed that if the pregnant woman has swelling on her nose, she is carrying a girl child and vice versa. Actually speaking, appearance of the mother and gender of the baby do not have any connection. The nose can be swollen as a result of enhanced estrogen level due to which the blood flow to the mucous membrane is increased, resulting in expansion of the nose.

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