Breast fed babies Vs non breast fed ones

Breast feeding is the best food for an infant and as it is there is no equal substitute available till date. The health practitioners insist that the baby should be given only breast milk for the initial few months. There are times when the baby has to be given top feeding. It is mostly when the mother has less or no breast milk, if she is HIV positive, if she is ill or suffering from infection, if she is working woman or she herself is reluctant to breast feed due to some aesthetic reasons.

Breast feeding and non breast feeding synopsis

The breast milk is readily available and the moment you feel that the baby is hungry within few seconds, the milk is there for the baby to suck. In case of formula feeding, you have to prepare the milk, pour it in the utensil or milk feeding bottle and then feed to the child.

  • While travelling the non breast feeding mother have to carry all the material essential for preparing and giving the feed whereas a breast feeding mother never have to think of such things. Further a breast feeding one has a little worry with regard to hygiene and sterilization where as the one non breast feeding will have to be on her toes to feed each time
  • Breast feeding has been found to increase immunity in the infants and protects them from allergies, and other numerous chronic conditions. Although the tinned milk powders are supplemented with essential nutrients according to the need of an infant, the natural way in which the breast fed baby gets them make the feed more digestible whereas, sometimes the formula milk or feed can disturb the digestion in a non breast fed baby.
  • Breast feeding has been known to reduce the common infections in infants like ear infection, respiratory infections, meningitis, and diarrhea whereas these problems are quite frequent in non breast fed baby.
  • It is a general observation that non breast fed babies face more hospitalization than breast fed babies.
  • It has been revealed through researches that although the different baby food brands do try to come near the combination of nutrients of breast milk, they still cannot fully match it because the breast milk contains some complex substances in varying amount due to which a stable composition imitating the breast milk is not possible. This makes the breast milk the ‘perfect food’ for the baby, of which the non breast fed baby, is deprived off.
  • Breast milk is the best option economically too it does not cost a single penny. Only precaution should be taken that the feeding mother is taking some extra calories (500) so that her body will respond to the increasing needs of the breast milk positively. On the other hand formula feeding is very costly and the specified brand is even not available all the time. So a non breast feeding mother has to make provisions for keeping the milk tin handy all the time.

The older generations have always sorted natural tools which till date stand perfect and unmatched. So do make it all to breast feed your baby as long as possible and abort the undesired easily.

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