Don’t let Depression Imprison You!

Majority of the people experience a low depressed phase of gloominess once in their lifetime. It may due to a demanding job, homely responsibilities, emotional instability or some other issues that may be causing the trouble. Sometimes even the sufferer himself / herself may regard it as a part and parcel of life and move on. For sure, the things settle soon with the removal of cause if the issue is trivial and not much of a hassle, but if the problem persists then one needs to do something about it.

The dilemma that lies with depression is that a very thin line which separates normal gloom with clinical depression. Till date there is no parameter or test to detect depression. The depression thunderstorms may hit one’s mind immensely taking away all the joy with no symptom to support and surface. The first step here lies to detect depression and then work on it. In most cases, family and friends regard the awkward behavior as an attitude issue or temporary withdrawal behavior and ignore it but the phase of depression needs to be mended right away. 

Hopeless, worthless feelings with un-necessary sadness, mood swings, weeping and suicidal tendencies that incapacitates one to undertake routine activities mark clinical depression. Therapists also have noticed certain physical symptoms along like constipation, myalgia, headaches, weight gain / loss, sleep troubles with no apparent cause.

Heal depression

The following is an array of easy steps which when applied wisely can show positive results and can keep depression distant.

• Dark chocolates: This sweet treat is not only a tummy fill but has also proved its worth in a depression phase. The ingredients there in stimulate the senses and give an instant high, so much so that they are a quick fix to a sad evening. Opting for darker versions is the best suited.

• Breathing exercises: The involuntary process named breathing if regulated wisely innervates and sets in relaxation. The mere process of deep breathing not only oxygenates but also sets a pattern where the body has no option but to relax and relish the calming effects. On a regular basis these kinds of exercises tame the body to move away from depression clouds.

• Exercising: This old tested trick is known by all but applied by few. Exercising stimulates the feel good factors and leave a person happy, jovial and not surmounted with any form of depression. Playing games with others in vicinity not only relaxes but also let break the social barriers and get involved as a team.

• Socializing: Staying aloof with just sobbing can be depressing even for a normal mind set and those afflicted will only double their agony. Talking to someone will let loose and will bring in assurance of an anchor around.

• Adopt healthy eating patterns: Things that will add on the trouble must be avoided, like coffee, alcohol and smoking.     

Combating depression is more of a group effort and needs the support of family and friends to reach out for help. One little effort can change an individual in depression to come back to a person filled with life.

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