Gadgets and health

Life has taken a complete 360 degree turn when we see back. Slowly and steadily our homes are all filled with gadgets and luxuries that have made things quite easy. Off course these are grate advancements but for some we are paying a heavy price. There are machinery available when adopted on chronic basis has opened gateways or set roots deep to many health issues.

To top the category are the pregnancy disorders and the nerve disorders that have shown a striking rise in the past few decades with increasing technology day by day.     

Electronic massagers

These bliss like advertised massagers are in turn havoc indeed. They claim relaxation and an instant stress buster. But studies reveal that these are an absolute no when it comes to pregnancy as many pregnancy disorders including abortion have also been reported with their chronic soothing sensations.

Nerve disorders are another area to be well included in electronic massagers, the motions set in the machinery to improve circulation act same on all the surface areas whether soft or hard and will also keep stimulating the nerve ends altering their normal function of sensing issues. Disruption in pain, heat and mechanical reception are seen to fall apart in form of varied nerve disorders with electronic massagers. Manual massaging is quite an advantage as here the chances of keeping a painful area away from the hard pressure is quite easy and also chances of the nerve impression are too very rare, only it has to offer is muscle relaxation and pain relief.      

Instant inch loss heat belts

With obesity reaching far these days these kinds of products have gained quite popularity, all want to just shed off the flab with a blink of a second and fit into those curvaceous clothes. But these heat belts have adversely affected the very purpose of life; reproduction. Many pregnancy disorders have been reported with their parallel use and experts strictly ask expecting mothers to keep away from these luxuries.

Weight gain is a common and an essential for an healthy pregnancy so if you are planning to get pregnant or are already in the phase of those beautiful 9 months then beware and keep pregnancy disorders far flung from yourself and your darling new blooming life. Rather to keep healths go for walks and a healthy diet when pregnant and not rely on these artificial aids and if not pregnant then jogging, eating a calorie strict diet and weight training can help extents. Also these measures will not only bring in the weighing scale within the athletic range but will also assist mental health and keep issues like depression distant.     

Cell phones

Now it is a proven fact that nerve disorders have been in limelight with the advent use of cell phones. Their chronic use has shown nerve damages and their after maths to follow. Holding the cell phones for longer hours reduces the blood flow to the forearm nerve leading to ulnar nerve disorders, further, the radiations are seen to provoke nerve disorders as serious as Epilepsy and hastened brain damage.

These so called pampers may claim no side effects and only comfort but sure they will show their true colours later which will only leave repentance and pain to bother nothing else. Still we have choices to make either to go a healthy way or a path full of disorders to bother.  

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