Clothing of a newborn

The moment baby is born, the first thing that is needed are clothes. Although until a few decades back when the baby clothes were restricted to only few options, nowadays there are special range of clothes dedicated to new born and infant clothing and wardrobes. Even the elite brands have come up with baby clothes in all arrays of hues and designs. But the most important factor while picking up new born clothes is protection. Apart from that comfort is yet another element that should be under consideration.   Here are some of the tips that can help you out while making good choice during the newborn clothes selection:

  • Choose clothes according to the weather conditions. Woolen clothes for winter and loose clothes for summer! Even though silk and satin clothes have a great appeal, they are not just right for the soft and tender skin of the baby.
  • The baby’s ears should be covered with hat or muffler to protect her from harsh cold or hot winds. There are many dresses of newborn which come with a hood that covers the baby from top to the toe. Such a dress is ideal while going out as it is a one piece suit and you do not have to indulge in hassle of carrying different clothes for wearing and covering the ears as well.
  • There are many instances when due to direct exposure to weather conditions, the ears of baby are damaged or get infected by cold condition.  Hence, it’s necessary to use muffler or hat to cover the baby’s head and ears properly. Even too much noise can damage her sensitive ears so use of ear plugs is preferred. Cotton beanies, baseball caps or sun hats for newborn are available in large variety in the market. Clothes with ear flaps too can be preferred.
  • The new clothes that you purchase in stores are manhandled by many purchasers and hence can carry infection. Hence before putting it on your baby, rinse these new clothes with plain water and mild disinfectant, and dry them properly.
  • The material of the clothes for baby should be natural like cotton and no artificial fabrics like nylon or rayon should be used on baby at such a tender age. These clothes become hot in summer and become cold in winter and hence do not offer any protection to the baby’s body.
  • Cotton one piece sleepers are the best and ideal clothes for the newborn as out of 24 hours he/she would be sleeping for around 18 hours. These one piece sleepers are extremely comfortable. Bag sleepers are also a good choice.
  • Buy some good colorful woolen as well as cotton socks for your baby. This will keep her feet warm during winter. If the weather is too hot cotton socks should be used and vice versa.
  • Outdoor wear should be comfortable and cozy. Do not get into all that elaborate dolling up clothing right from the start. Instead keep the dressing more simple so that the putting on and taking clothes off procedure does not become too tedious for the baby and you as well. Keep all those for later in years the child can be decorated as you like a cute big bunny or a pinky doll. 

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