Expecting in rains

If you are happy, whatsoever the season may be, everything seems to be just perfect. Similarly, when the baby is born in a family, the parents are extremely excited and irrespective of the problems created by the various seasons, they manage to stay chirpy. Rainy season is a season of happiness romance and intimacy – so has been described by the poets. But in real life the season is a high density phase of diseases and infections with extraordinarily elevated unhygienic conditions all around. 

The rainy season

When you are expecting a child in rainy season, it’s necessary to take extra precaution just as it is the season of blooming and growth, it also induces indeed favors too much of bacterial and viral growth resulting in all types of diseases. Keeping all the odds in mind parents must work and should never let the rains hamper the welcoming joy of a newborn. Here are some steps of precaution which can help you protect the child and the mother from rainy season hassles

  • Stay hygienic: Hygiene is the most important thing you should follow in this season. Since the infant is usually on the breast feeding, mother should eat mostly home cooked freshly made food. Stale food should be totally avoided as along with the mother the baby too can get infected. The mother should avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables outside the range of her home.
  • Watch the top feed: If the baby has to be given top feeding, boil and clean the utensils every time they are to be used. Also use boiled water for preparing the feed. Even the mother should drink boiled or filtered water for first couple of months as her weaker body is more prone to getting afflicted by infections.  
  • Wear right: The child should be worn loose cotton clothes, but the chest should be covered with warm jacket or small woolen sweater as he / she is prone to catch cold during the rainy season. The mother should too wear light warm clothes for protection. The baby’s head should be covered and even the mother should put cotton balls in her ears so as to protect her and baby from loud noise and cold wind drift.
  • Every time before eating, the mother should clean her hands with warm water so that any germs placed on the palms are washed away.   
  • Stay cozy: Mother and infant should not go outside the home for initial few months as the external atmospheric conditions in these days can make them fall ill.

Rains may have been a mother’s favorite but with a new born she must do all necessary to keep it safe for both herself and the new life.  

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