Week 1 of pregnancy: The planning week

In the first week of pregnancy, you may not even be aware that you are actually pregnant. In the very primary gestation week, life is running absolutely normal. You are within your normal periods with all earlier present signs and symptoms, though they may be last ones for at least nine months. But worldwide the schema is drawn that way; it is a bit confusing to include this week in pregnancy when no knowledge of pregnancy is actually there.  Anyways let’s get going to understand the process.

Unplanned pregnancy

When you just accidentally discover your pregnancy, then this write-up may act like an educative piece for you. As you have already surpassed the first week and are already pregnant, may be in your 5th or 6th week and reading it all just to confirm the weeks cycle and helps you to be informed. Enjoy and take care!

Planned pregnancy

With more and more knowledge and advancements, these days’ couples do take up steps to indulge in pregnancy cycle with scientific wisdom. So if you fall under this category, then we suggest you to fix up an appointment with a gynaecologist for pre -conception counselling. Though these sessions are a bit new but are very much sorted and recommended now a day. The counselling let the couple understand and prepare well. Also, the cases of positive history of any disease can be well handled within the sessions. 


  • If pregnancy is in your mind, then do start taking folic acid supplements. The aid is essential and helps tackle any defects in developing brain and spinal cord of the new life in the making.


  • Physical activity as usual can be continued, but the mother should be cautious not to overdo it. Taking strenuous regime at this point is not advisable. Do continue with your regular routine and do not think while resting. Give your mind a bit of rest to avoid stress.
  • If you are overweight, then try shedding a few pounds with natural techniques as this will promote easy conception thereafter.

 Diet recommendations

  • Drink plenty of water and nourishing food: This will set right patterns for a healthy beginning.
  • Avoid foods and activities that interfere with conception. Starving, cinnamon, holy basil, aloes, tuna, salmon would be termed under strict no-no.
  • No alcohol or smoking

Relax and savour 

  • Breathing and relaxation exercises will calm the senses and again help in conception: Don’t run after pregnancy, it is a gift and will come to you eventually. Anxiety can ruin issues and hamper fertilization, so do try to avoid taking stress and relax.
  • Sex: Once done with your periods, you can start with sex every other day, though medical science claims that the phase just after the menses is bit safe but ovulation time may vary from person to person. Few of the cases come into light wherein pregnancy has been reported with the initial days sex i.e. just after the periods. There are also few who conceive just a day before they were expecting their menses. So, you can notice that every woman is different and may ovulate variedly. Keep trying and get things clicking.  

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