Week 2 of Pregnancy

Just like the first week, in the second week the pregnancy isn’t actually in existence. But if you fall under the head of planning ones, then sure the baby thing and the nine months affair is in your mind 24×7. This week probably is your ovulation

Beautiful journey towards motherhood

Beautiful journey towards motherhood

week when your right sex timings can bless you for a lifetime. Sex done near the ovulation time has shown the highest success rate of fertilization.

 Your body

This week your signs of ovulation do pop up as every month, all you need to do is to observe them and use it to time your sex and make the fruit.

Some of the signs include:

  • Mild cramping sensation felt in the lower abdomen
  • Some may report of slight spotting. This bloody spot appears with the rupture of the outer wall that lets the egg in open to get fertilized within the reproductive system.
  • Lower basal body temperature (BBT): With the hormonal fluctuations within the entire month, a female body shows temperature variations correspondingly and a sudden dip in BBT indicates ovulation. Here, the temperature recording must be done the first thing every morning, without even coming out of the bed. Keep a digital thermometer by your bedside and make a note every day. Further, the BBT charting is recommended to be practiced for at least 2 to 3 months to have a more accurate view.
  • Thin egg white like vaginal discharge, cervical mucus: This discharge is actually the nature’s aid to lubricate and make ways easy for the approaching sperm to reach its destination.

Your baby

By the end of the week two, the primary step of baby making i.e. fertilization is accomplished in most. The baby bless has begun to develop and will rapidly progress to multiply from a single cell and make its own.

Diet and recommendations

These remain same as the week one. Further if you have any sauna or steam sessions then make a skip as overheating can hamper issues.

Have a lot of sex

You never know when the ova is exactly out, all the above signs would give a near about indication of the process so making love almost every day would be wise. Sex before and at ovulation has shown maximum pregnancies as confirmed by experts worldwide. Also, if you are planning pregnancy, then do satisfy your fetish as you may have to take a long break thereafter to keep yourself and your baby safe.

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