Week 3 of Pregnancy- The actual beginning


You may not know this, but yes you are actually three weeks pregnant now. Last weekend you were a lady and now suddenly within a day or two have turned to a mother, the very feeling turns things around. All will agree that “a girl becomes a mother on the very first day and the boy becomes a father only when he can actually hold the bundle of joy in his hands”.  Sure the mother has all the sensations and the following week discussion proves it all.

Very first pregnancy signs

Conception has taken place and is showing up too, the immediate symptoms to follow conception include:

  • Slight spotting: The bleeding is slight and nothing to worry about; it is rather a confirmation. Medicos regard it as implantation bleeding that result when the fertilised egg attaches to the uterine lining where it will bloom and progress in the forthcoming gestation months.
  • Raised basal body temperature: As per the earlier weeks, if you have been recording BBT this week as well; then in case of a successful conception you will find that your BBT, that was supposed to settle has maintained a consistency and is showing a constant slight high. This is the reason how the old grannies spot the difference in you and can even predict a positive pregnancy with your bit feverish behaviour and looks.
  • Nausea, vomiting with increased sense of smell: Though the intensity depends from person to person, but many of the would-be-moms report trivial changes. Some will see that smells that didn’t bothered earlier are now nauseating, like a deodorant, room freshener or raw food.
  • Tingling feelings in the breast and the nipples: This week, tender and tingling breasts do bother. You may notice that they cause pain; this is due to the hormones that set the organ right within the period to serve feeding purpose later on.
  • Fatigue: You will find that normal routine has begun to tire you and this feeling will be rising in the following weeks.

The nature is indicating its whereabouts and it is you who need to acknowledge and stay in tune with the natural markers.

Your baby

The implantation is set and the cells have begun to divide to form embryo and the connecting cord called placenta (that will later supply all from the mother to the developing baby and will also produce the required hormones). The life as of now is so tiny just 0.1 to 0.2 mm, but is the world to you.

 Diet and recommendations

The diet of the would-be-mom in the third week of pregnancy should be same as the earlier two weeks.

 Test this week

Though you may be feeling the signs, but unfortunately at this point your urine pregnancy test would be negative and not much of a use. So keep that for the coming weeks and till then keep speculating and be safe.


In case you have a positive history of early miscarriage or bleeding in earlier pregnancies, then do take adequate rest. Exerting can prove dangerous, so limit it a bit for your own good.

Say bye to heels: As these leave the pelvis unstable, so it should be kept away from the very beginning.

You may feel anxious for your pregnancy results, but the coming week may bring good news. So just wait happily.

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