Week 4 of Pregnancy: The longest Week of Dilemma

As the name suggests, this week is indeed confusing when you seriously want to know about the pregnancy results. In the 3rd week itself, you start feeling some difference in yourself and your body, but confirmation come only with a positive pregnancy test. It is like standing midway with no clue whether you are pregnant or not.

False Positive Markers

In many cases, females struggling to get pregnant may report all early signs of conception even without fertilization. Brain is a very smart organ and it may start acting the way you want. So an absolute relying on the symptoms due to an anxious desperation to get pregnant can be misleading, so much so that the anxiety may even cause a delayed period.

Your body

Coming to the facts, a bit of tiredness is there, you may feel uneasy and sleepy to watch your late night shows, which you used to relish just two or three weeks back. Your nose has begun to take up fragrances quite impressionably. Every smell that is comfortable to others may turn bothersome for you now. Working in the kitchen can be a little uncomfortable.

Further there is a consistently elevated BBT (basal body temperature) mark of the new hormonal rush. A routine thermometer shows above the fever mark, ranging from 99 to 99.4 degree Celsius.

Weight gain

Though you may not feel any weight gain at this time, but yes the coming weeks will bring along the extra pounds. Don’t worry you are not alone; pregnancy is a package that comes with weight gain. So, be happy and enjoy healthy and nourishing diets.

An economical advice

On a personal note, do not spend too much on those extra fitted clothes as after a month they may be of no use. Try limiting shopping apparels this week and wait.

Your baby

Almost on the verge of the first month completion and you may be even unaware, your baby is making a steady progress every day. At this time, the minute structure is working to differentiate and progress with basics like placenta. The embryo now has developed three layers inner, middle and outer one to form digestive, respiratory organs and muscle, bones, heart and skin and nervous system.


You can continue with the routine work and there is absolutely no interference at this point. But yes, if you have pregnancy in mind, then heavy weight training sessions or rigorous cardio must be postponed. A walk would rather be a wise option.


Folic acid supplements daily is all what you need this week. A single dose with breakfast is enough.


There are few articles present in the household that directly affect the docile initial stages and should be avoided by all for a healthy reproductive life and gestation:

  • Tobacco smoke, active or passive
  • Furniture polish
  • Room fresheners
  • Deodorants
  • Mosquito repellents

Try relaxing, we understand you want to know it all as soon as possible about your pregnancy, but let things take a natural turn and reveal of their presence with time. Just wait and make the most out of this week.

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