Games you should gift your child


Children are very active and have lots of energy. And if they are not kept engaged in some activity, they can create lot of nuisance when at home. Although nowadays, even small children belonging to the age group of one and half years go to playgroup where they are taught various games and cultural activities, at  home the child should have some games with which he can play and while away time.

Important thing to be considered is that the games should not only entertain and keep the child engaged, but it should also boost up his thinking ability and at times give him some physical activity. Age is also an important factor to be considered before buying games. For toddlers, more colorful easy to play games can be selected. And for growing up kids in between 3 to 5 years of age, games which can challenge their mental skill can be a good gift. Let us find out some of the best games for children.

Alphabetical explorations

Children should be gifted such games that help them to develop more knowledge and skills and teach them certain things. Small children who have just started going to nursery can be given numerical or alphabetical games in which the children have to explore the different letters to match the pictures.  For example, in front of picture of Apple, the children should put the block of A and so on. This increases their knowledge and helps them identify different objects and relate them to various letters.

Building blocks

Building block is a good game for small kindergarten children. In this game the children are given a picture of an animal, fruit, bird or any colorful object which they have to create by arranging various blocks. This is a good engaging activity and helps the children learn to create something on their own and enhances their aptitude and logical reasoning sense.

Board game 

For school going children board game is a way of teaching them various facts about adult life. In this game the children have to undergo different pretenses like getting married, going to college, going to office, getting loan for education and more. This helps the children to understand the responsibilities of adult life and the value of money. It also informs them about various social as well as economical aspects. Yet another game belonging to the same genre is Monopoly in which the children play with false money and perform various transactions until one of them goes bankrupt. This game also teaches them the usefulness and importance of hard earned money.

Profession related games

You can select options in this variety according to the liking of your child. There are various options of profession like doctor, engineer, nurse, pilot and so on. If your child likes to become a doctor then you can gift him a game of a doctor profession in which there will be small equipments and gadgets used in that profession like syringe, needle, stethoscope etc.

Parenting is hard and challenging it not only includes feeding the child. But also has responsibilities to tab the baby’s potential to the maximum. A parent needs to act wise and make the docile mind work fruitful and learn more and more at every step.

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