Week 5 of Pregnancy: The Good News Week


Your wait is finally over. You may have missed your periods and your test is showing presence of little life inside your body. Congratulations!

The time when you can actually tag yourself pregnant has arrived, a time to enjoy with care and caution. Remember this is the beginning of the golden time, but it has its own share of responsibilities. In the joy, never forget to do small alterations in lifestyle that will make all the difference in your gestation and baby. Making the right moves from today onwards is a must for all would-be-moms. Whether you are underweight or obese, eating time to time with no starvation in the vicinity is a must. Whatever you do or eat is now your baby’s part too, so be alert.

Your body

All of a sudden, this week you tend to go to the kitchen more and more and lay particular emphasis on healthy eating. You may not be actually showing but deep down you constantly have the notion on your nerves that you are bearing a life and you need to be very careful. That’s obvious and nothing to worry, you are not being finicky, just cautious.

Further, morning sickness may have begun to engulf now, you may experience nausea now and then. In some females, even the sight or smell of food brings along nausea and vomiting. Increased urination with tender breasts is also reported by many. Headaches are also seen in few with the hormonal rush. Within this phase, there may be few who may not be feeling a thing; rather feel giddy at this point of time with no pre menstrual or period related abdominal pains.

Brown spotting is observed in many, instead of the normal expected period. It is not much of a bother; but if it reappears then quickly consult your gynecologist.

Weight gain

Here, weight mostly remains steady but in some, with heavy duty morning sickness there may be a slight depreciation. This lowering weight is not unusual and not a worry.

Your baby

This week your little pumping organ begins to beat faster. And a transvaginal ultrasound shows a gestational sac. The placenta is still forming in this phase and the baby needs all the aids for development from the mother. The measure of the baby may be just 1.5 to 2.5 mm but is a landmark in the journey or let’s say the basis of all.

Diet recommendations

Healthy frequent meals with lots of fluids are recommended.

Test this week

Beta HCG, blood group, hemoglobin, serum progesterone, and serum TSH tests are suggested.


Folic acid is to be continued. If you have just now discovered your pregnancy and have not been taking folic acid, then start the supplement right away without any delays. If you suffer PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) as well and have reports of lesser progesterone in your blood assay, then taking external support is a must. Do get in touch with your gynecologist to start with the artificial hormones as any delay can result in undesirable consequences.

The chances of early miscarriage are present, so your doctor may advise you to have injections along with medicines to keep things safe.


  • X rays
  • Papaya, pineapple and holy basil as they may act as laxatives and these may interfere with the development of the baby.


A walk is enough for you. Do take adequate rest. Some female may feel so tried that they have no option but to look for her bedding and bet this will get more and more in the coming weeks.

Seek help

In case you report spotting, unbearable abdominal pain or any unusual sign and symptom, immediately seek medical attention.

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