Calcium supplements: beneficial or dangerous?

Calcium supplements: beneficial or dangerous?

Calcium supplements: beneficial or dangerous?

Taking calcium supplements is quite a trend these days; with the spread of more and more scientific knowledge within the general public their use has become much more advent than any other era. People often recommend these calcium supplements to females who suffer bone losses at menopause, or those who have osteoporosis or arthritic troubles to assist the weakening bony infrastructure. The demand for these calcium supplements to strengthen and raise bone mass is on a high and was considered safe. But with recent developments there are studies which reveal the undesired and mark the excess calcium supplements to cause heart troubles.

Here experts regard that the calcium bundles in the absence of corresponding vitamin D level fail to assimilate and set things prone for the cardiovascular ailments. A weak bone or an aching leg can be tolerated but a fatal heart attack can’t be. Further the statements are compelling and require a thorough analysis of the calcium supplements application. Each opting for these pills must brainstorm beforehand to keep hassles distant.

Calcium supplements for children

With the growing bony skeleton the calcium supplements intake is an acceptable gesture. As many know that bones grow the maximum in the childhood and any lack can turn hazardous later, their use is inevitable. Being a parent one must be well aware of the required calcium and should pursue thereafter. An in depth intervention is to be made to gift a healthy life and not the one that got ruined with calcium over dose in the very beginning. Health can only be achieved if one starts working from the very first day.

How to use wise calcium supplements?

  • For healthy adults: People with no sign of bony issues or a positive family history of the same should be cautious to adopt calcium supplements. Further a bone densitometry can be done to assess the required. Unnecessary add on will fetch no good and rather may leave one inclined to heart troubles.
  • For female group: It is a well established fact that females tend to lose bone mass after menopause with the turbulent hormonal changes therein and need an additional support in form of calcium supplements. On the contrary this late intervention is not of much use as most of the bone development ended way back in mid 20’s. And the work done then would only benefit. Some report to improve with these additions but should consume only after the physician’s approval.
  • For people suffering heart problems or have a positive family history of the same: Things get tricky here and a liberal use of calcium supplements is to be prohibited. As adding oil to the fire when it comes to health is not an intelligent step to enact.
  • People with renal stones: These hard structures may strengthen or enlarge with excess calcium supplements and should be absolutely avoided to keep things under control.
    Calcium supplements with these newer discoveries have come to a stand of doubt where their use is to be tactfully managed and applied to drain benefits and not problems indeed.

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