Week 6 of Pregnancy: Week to be Vigilant

Morning sickness, which can strike at any time of the day or night, sometimes begins as early as three weeks after conception

Morning sickness, which can strike at any time of the day or night, sometimes begins as early as three weeks after conception

This week you need to be extra cautious. Statistics reveal that out of every five pregnancies, one gets aborted in this early phase of 6 weeks. You definitely don’t want to land in that tag, so stay vigilant and never ignore even a slightest of symptom.

Your body

This week slowly and steadily you will find yourself unable to keep up the energy levels. The desire to lie down for short duration becomes a must for few. Further morning sickness with all the nausea is on a rise. Breast feels heavy and painful with the rising blood supply and hormones every now and then.

Weight gain this week

Very similar to the 5th week, here too rather than gaining, some may have a weight loss with excess of nausea and vomiting.

 Your baby

The week is one when the tiny little pudding is dividing rapidly and now looks like tadpole with a head and a tail. Larynx and inner ears to make him / her hear all the world begins to form this time. Further, placental development is progressing but it is only after the 12th week that it will have all functions. Heart is pumping and all circulation is established by now. Little limb buds too appear which will later develop to the arms and the legs. In total, the measurement ranges from 3 to 6 mm.


This is the time when most of the gynecologist will advise you to go for your first ultrasound. Usually, this early scanning is not done in all expecting mothers but particularly in those who have a positive history of an early miscarriage or any other anomaly within previous pregnancies. Earlier, any scan before 10 weeks of pregnancy was a transvaginal scan but with newer and sensitive ultrasound equipments, now a day’s even abdominal scans are apt enough to pick up the underneath and reveal whereabouts even at this stage.

Trust that little pumping action on the screen can be a world to a mother.

Here diet, medications, avoidance’s and exercises remain the same as the earlier week and must be adopted religiously.


As soon as you report any spotting, inform your doctor and stay in your bed with feet elevated by means of a pillow. Keep all daily activities on a halt. All you are allowed is to visit the loo. Before consulting your doctor don’t give up on the rest, keep resting till all settles and continue prescribed medications.

A small amount of abdominal pain is a normal phenomenon, but if you feel it aggravating and turning a bother, then seek immediate help.

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