Week 7 of Pregnancy: Time for Breakouts and Nausea


This is the week when you begin to wonder how life is going to take a 360 degree turn and what all you need to prepare for the new life and beautiful changes. Sure your mind is taking you to the future, but it is the time to just savour the present. All the changes and responsibilities will fall in place once the baby arrives. If you have had an accidental gestation, then the time has come when you must think and set aside your fears and hesitations. For the prepared ones, cherish the time you had been waiting and preparing for. Shed off all negative thoughts and take a positive stride, as this is the time your baby is developing all important assets and any of your fluctuation or tensions may have negative effects on your baby. Handle everything with grace and chirpiness and don’t worry about the responsibilities and changes.

Let’s see what this week has in stores for you and your baby.

 Your body

Going with the title, week 7 is the one that will take you back in time with all teenage hassles. Breakouts, a face full of acne will make you revert back to all granny remedies which you used to follow religiously.

Further, morning sickness is mounting day by day. You may even find the journey initials troublesome; but don’t lose your cool and be calm as this will settle soon in the 4th month. Try these tips to skip your nauseous sensations:

  • Sip in some lemon water
  • A few slice of oranges will help too
  • Small frequent meals
  • A small snacking in the night time, like two biscuits
  • Any individual soothing fruity fragrance

Your baby

The little brain development is on a high this week. It is growing rapidly with the small skull. 7 to 9 mm measures the baby crown to rump by the end of this week. Limb buds are growing but still haven’t shaped up enough. Further this week, your baby will have eyes wide open with more distinct facial features like a mouth, ear indentations and nostrils. An interesting fact is that even a genital tubercle is visible by this time. Heart is pumping hard which is very much visible on the scan.


Hyperemesis gravidarum: The condition is seen to run in families where a female reports out of proportion vomiting and shows the signs of dehydration.  She needs immediate hospitalization to restore the lost and make things work smoothly.

This week too you need to be careful and in case you report any abnormal sign and symptom, then do brainstorm and find the solution as soon as possible.

Dual responsibility

This phrase actually is not just limited to this, but many weeks ahead. A woman bearing a child also needs to keep up with the husband. Though he is the one who should support everything, but there are few areas where you must talk to him frankly and explain all. As in sex, a man may find it initially quite irrelevant as compared to the good news, but yes a week later may feel a bit agitated. So, you need to explain him best and restrict an intercourse in the first three months to ensure that no damage is done to you as well as the baby.

Medications this week remains the same as the 5th week. Be safe, cautious and let all bloom with health.

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