Week 8 of Pregnancy: Week to Consult your Gynecologist

Most of the gynecologists across the globe usually schedule the first meet at least after a skip of two periods. Actually, most of the gynecologists prefer to test and confirm the pregnancy in this week so as to skip the false and miscarried pregnancies. But in case with previous history of troubled issues, pregnancies are thoroughly followed up from the very first day of revelation or even before conception. 

So here is your time to meet your gynecologist and get to know what is all up with you and your darling little life inside you. Though you may still be in a state of haze, but yes mind is running all its horses and has trillions to ask to all, (whether relatives, friends or doctor) to keep it the pregnancy safe and sound. So be prepared jot down all your queries on a piece of paper so that you don’t leave a doubt unresolved.

Your body

This week you may be vomiting all your food and may be even feeling worried of the nourishment and baby requirements. Sure, this is the time when your baby needs all essential vitamins and iron for full fledged development.  Your gynecologist will prescribe you the required medications and diet chart to keep the natural flow moving.

Weight gain this week

Practically not much weight is gained in the first three months, as discussed in earlier weeks. Instead some would-be-moms may report of weight loss with excess vomiting and loss of fluids.  In most cases it remains stable and gets resolved quickly. 

Your baby

Your half an inch and almost one gram baby is growing rapidly this week achieving important landmarks. Now the little master begins to appear more human in this week with extending webbed fingers and toes from the earlier tadpole looking baby. So much so that you can even count the toes on a sensitive scan picture; interesting isn’t it!

Bones begin to rigidify from now on, in simple words the bones are turning stronger to hit you one day really hard.  Now, the heart is fully developed and well differentiated to an adult like four chambers beating really high at a rate of almost 150 to 160 per minute. Since the weight is light, the movements are there but with a lesser jerk which are not felt by the mother. Ears, upper lip and that little pride nose tip is forming as well. 


With morning sickness on a high, there may be diet flaws, do brainstorm with your doctor and eat right. Also have a lot of fluids and high fiber dose to keep constipation at bay.    


In case your doctor is seeing you for the first time, then all tests recommended in the 6th week will be performed now. Also depending on the doctor, he/she may advise for an early ultrasound to keep everything to perfection. Otherwise the ultrasound is generally scheduled in the 10th week.


Vitamins, iron, folic acid and even some specific injections are to be administered under an expert as per curriculum.


Let us be very frank, sure you are almost running into your 3rd month but remember the time is crucial and needs heavy duty attention; a slight taken for granted issues may cost you dearly. So don’t ignore any sign or any uneasy feeling, no matter how the old grannies react or say; discuss all with your doctor as soon as possible. Taking home remedies or old tried tricks are no harm but never substitute them for the medications. Some of the crucial symptoms include:

  • Slight vaginal spotting
  • Continuous Abdominal pain
  • Persistent headaches
  • Vertigo
  • Fever

These are few signs that may pop up, so never sideline them and take up the best treatment measure for your baby.

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