Week 9 of Pregnancy: Take care of the Emotional and Bodily Changes

Week 9 of Pregnancy: Take care of the Emotional and Bodily Changes

Week 9 of Pregnancy: Take care of the Emotional and Bodily Changes

In this week the dad finds the wife who is soon going to be a new mother has no baby bump but the physical appearance of wife changes. Week 9, the beginning of the third month is moreover an exaggeration of the female traits where there would be growth of tissues under the breasts due to hormonal changes. The expecting mother may get upset or cry even with a slight emotional show on the television or in vicinity.

Your body

With augment of 9th week, the physical changes in the body of the would-be mother start appearing. There is an increase in the size of the breast tissue. The pregnancy hormones are acting well on the preparation and this all is a corresponding segment. Also you can find the nipples turning darker with raised tubercles on their outer extensions. But nothing to worry as these changes will revert soon after delivery to the pre pregnancy state.

This week the condition like nausea, tiredness and extreme fatigue continue to overpower you and you find it difficult to concentrate on tasks which you used to work with an enthusiasm as earlier.

Weight gain

As discussed in earlier weeks there won’t be any weight change in the first 12 weeks. But for the obese, lethargic and not much morning sickness types, there may be a slight raise of half or a kilogram seen in total with recent decrease in activities and a rich diet.

Here, both excess of weight loss or gain is not a good sign and a mother should act and eat wise to keep it all healthy. In case the dwindling is abrupt, then talking to the gynecologist is a must.

Your baby

By this week, the baby movements are more frequent but with not much of a weight. A scan can show you the little life juggling around in the liquor quite leisurely. The digestive organs including the gall bladder, pancreas, bile ducts, and anus set to take their original place this week. Also the gender organs are ready by now, but no means at this point of time can let you know about the sex, for that you need to wait at least for another 11 weeks if your country permits gender predicting ultrasounds or else till the end. Nipples and hair follicles begin to establish and the earlier existing tadpole tail now begins to regress. Further the head of the baby at this week is about half the size of the entire structure, and with time take appropriate proportions. The baby is less than 2 grams and measures a tiny scale of an inch.

The hardening of the bones is in process.


  • This week try taking enough rest and don’t be stressed, as the development phase issues may turn into long time havoc’s later. Enjoy all.
  • Never ignore any abnormal sign and symptom since you are very much pregnant with all the development, but till now the baby isn’t strong enough and is on a vulnerable stage where your slightest ignorance can be dangerous and may even result in termination.

Act responsible and never hesitate to discuss it all with your gynecologist.

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