Week 10 of Pregnancy: Baby shaping Up!

Watch for your waistline, as it is all disappearing by now. Strange isn’t it? You are in your early months and your curvy assets have begun to lose shape. Actually, it is not your uterus or the baby causing it, but the abdominal organs adjusting for the new change working on.

Your body

The week is a step ahead on the emotional front; an expecting mother may find herself weeping and sad out of no reason or even on a trivial argument.  Also, some sensitive types may even suffer prenatal depression at this time. To combat such situations, the doctors recommend breathing and relaxation exercises from the very beginning and keep the feel good factors high. These normal exercises on regular basis calm the senses and also keep the mother and the baby healthy.

Your baby

From now on medically your baby will be tagged as fetus and not embryo, measuring about 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters from crown to rump with an average weight of four grams. The most significant aspect of the 10th week is the complete dissolution of the tail, gone is the last evidence of originating from a tadpole.  This week your baby’s eyes are wide open but the eyelids begin to close and shall remain this way till the 25th week. Fetal heart is beating quite hard at an approximate rate of 160 beats per minute.

External ears and the upper lip are more or less formed by now and proceed with the shaping process. The bones are all done and begin to grow. Tooth buds are forming which will later form the biting milk teeth after about 6 to 10 months of delivery.

Baby’s brain is growing really fast this week and also his/her kidneys have begun to urinate within the womb. Don’t worry; it is not the time when you need to think about diapers and wet bums. Let the baby juggle and also don’t worry about the baby as the fluid around the baby is also being replaced from time to time.

Your medications, precautions, diet and instructions this week remain same as earlier- but in case you experience any deviation/abnormal symptom never skip to talk to your gynecologist and pave way to happy pregnancy.

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