Week 11 of Pregnancy: Week for Real Testing


Week 11 of Pregnancy – Week for Real Testing

This week is a crucial one when it comes to pregnancy tests. Many important tests that determine baby’s mental health and genetic well being are conducted from the 11th to the 14th week.

Frankly, this is where your gynecologist will test all your patience and will keep you on your toes. Most gynecologist first ask for the NT-NB  scan to be followed by a blood test better recognized as double marker test. In the mid of the 11th week, you begin with the array of tests.

Your body

You can feel all the pregnancy symptoms and signs fully settled within you. Nausea, vomiting, increased smell sensitivity, fatigue, headaches even migraines in a few females along with excessive sleepiness and lowered energy levels are observed. Even slightest of exertion may leave you exhausted. Further you should take adequate rest; ideally a 2 hour afternoon nap is a must for an expecting mother. Also the medicos believe that more a mother rests the better.

Weight gain

A slight rise may be visible at this point, but some may have a lowered scale too with excess fluid loss in the form of vomiting.

Your baby

Though about seven gram in weight and just 2 inches long, the baby is all developed with his/ her vital organs functional. Further, the risk of any mishap is decreasing with each passing day. The ears begin to settle in their original state and toe nail bed and finger nail beds are forming rapidly. Testes or the ovaries are very much developed.

Movements are on a roll and as mentioned in earlier weeks too; the light weight of the baby doesn’t let the mother know of them as of now.


The most elaborate part this week, probably this and the coming two weeks may keep you all busy with tests, reports and follow ups.

  • NT/NB scan: In other words, it is known as nuchal translucency and nasal bone test. It is a more detailed ultrasound view of the baby to check on the genetic defects. Babies with a NT measurement of more than 2 mm are considered at risk and are thoroughly followed up for details and whereabouts. NT actually is a fluid accumulation seen at the back of the neck of the baby. Further, the nasal bone formation also ensures a normal baby as babies suffering fro Down syndrome shows no nasal bone till now, whereas a normal one will clearly reveal the pride base.
  • Double marker test: This blood test is usually done after the ultrasound. It is used to determine the risk factor of certain genetic disorders based on the age of the mother and the values of beta HCG and AFP (alpha foeto protein) analyzed in the evaluation.

A combined study of both is essential to plan further move in the process. Those found at high risk may be advised for an amniocentesis (an invasive process carrying small risk to miscarry too, that’s why many hesitate to get it done until and unless utmost necessary). All the best!


  • For the dad to be: We do advice every dad to go along with your wife for ultrasound this time. Here you can see your well formed baby swimming around free. Since he / she are small at the moment so the entire structure is visible in a single frame, whereas with time as the baby grows you can only notice him / her part by part. As a dad it would be a wonderful experience to see your darling full swing.
  • Keep nourished: Being nourished and fed time to time is a wise option. Concentrate on the milk, calcium and protein rich products.
  • Stringent follow up: At this point try to adopt every prescription, instruction and medical recommendations by your doctor as religiously as possible to avail all the benefit.

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