Week 12 of Pregnancy: A step ahead

Since centuries, the first three months of pregnancy are supposedly excruciating with all sorts of risks, which can even aggravate to you losing your baby.  But with the advent of 12th week things are far better with all organs of the baby formed and minimized risks of miscarriage. Like your granny will say now is the right time for congratulations. Further, many must have begun to guess your pregnancy, especially if it is your first then behaving a little out of place is obvious and that’s how everyone in vicinity does get a little clue. Remember to behave normal in front of those far experienced mothers, who just tend to pick up the slightest signs even before you realize them, its actually hilarious.

Your body

This week may probably be the last for your morning sickness and initial sufferings; though some are observed to have a better but continued nauseous state throughout the nine months. Further, you can see your abdomen a bit protruding particularly if it is your first time. Also you can find a dark pigmented vertical line slowly and steadily developing on your lower abdomen, below the navel also known as linea nigra, a recognized sign of pregnancy.

Weight gain this week

Some may have weight loss, and on the other hand those who do not experience substantial morning sickness and have a lot of sleeping tendency in her genes can become one or two kilogram heavy. We advise you to hold on your shopping or else prefer to buy a bit loose clothes. You may not be heavy as of now, but wearing loose clothes will help and would remove all unnecessary strain on the developing life.

Your baby

Just 14 grams and 3 to 3.5 inches in total, the baby does begin its preparation to one day come outside and lead a healthy life. Further, facial features begin to look more human by now, eyes begin to come close and in position, ears have reached their desired place, nose and chin appear distinct and head begins to proportionate.

Baby’s digestive tract is almost formed, but is still not in position and lying hay ware needing further progress to settle all in place.

Tests this week

You need continuous visits to the pathology and diagnostic labs for all first trimester screening as mentioned in the 11th week. Do keep records and get them done timely. After 13.6 weeks of gestation, not much can be relied on these tools, so it’s best to start working now at your own comfortable speed.


If not restricted by the doctor, you can undertake all normal routine activities but avoid bending and carrying heavy weights. Yoga and swimming are far better workouts to let you off the pregnancy stress and keep you relaxed and rejuvenated.


Along with folic acid and any required supplements, depending on your hemoglobin, iron may have to be added on to your medicine list.

As we say follow all; keep things safe and enjoy the new motherhood!

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