Week 13 of Pregnancy: The week for Celebrations

Compared to the earlier tough weeks; this week comes as bliss to many. Some may feel highly relieved of their in depth fear of miscarriage and some find easy escape from the long troubling morning sickness and hormonal rushes. The 13th number is always considered unlucky, but where pregnancy is considered, this number denotes joy which the mother doctor eagerly look up to. Experts regard it much safer than the vulnerable 12 weeks where the baby is developing with a bit loose connection with the mother and is very much dependent on her. From now on the placenta (the connecting cord) is likely to overtake and produce the required hormones on its own.  

Further, with almost the end of the first three months, this is week to make an announcement. You may be hiding the whereabouts of your baby till now, but now is the time to break the news among your relatives and friends. Though you may not be showing any bulge, but the feelings of pregnancy is very much there.

Your body

Nausea begins to improve in most cases, though not instantly but gradually you will find things quite easy. Your strong smelling sensations will slowly settle. Things are definitely on a mend with the 13th week. Also, one may find the appetite returning with particular cravings. Bust size is definitely on a rise with pregnancy hormones working to prepare the breast tissue to take up the feeding function later on. Many would-be-mothers do report of returned libido in the 13th and the following weeks.

Weight gain this week

No more skinny jeans affair, the time is to opt for those lose maternity wear or a size extra. There may be no prominent change, but yes a weight gain is there which you can very well appreciate within yourself. Wrap up your extra curvy and tight clothes for a while and keep all safe and sound.

 Your baby

This is the week when your little pudding has finally figured out his/her thumb and has begun to suck it. If luck favors you, then you may even see your baby thumb sucking in one of your ultrasounds. Eyes at this point of time are shut and will open up in the later weeks. Baby bones are developing fast this week and his/her intestines have reached the normal positions. The baby denture line is all full and will show on teeth in the 6th–7th month of his/her life.  The little fluttering life within you is about 3 inches now and weighs about 20 to 25 grams.

Diet recommendations

The time is to have a protein and calcium rich diet. Try having at least 2 glasses of milk, or else if milk bothers you then replacing the intake with yoghurt would be a wise thought. Consume green leafy vegetables and lots of water to keep your body hydrated and keep odds like constipation at bay. Junk food indulgence can be accepted, but it’s just to pamper taste buds and not much of nutrition to count. At this point in total you need to raise the calorie count by 300 each day.

Test this week

In case you have missed them in the 11th and 12th week, then this is the week when your doctor will ask you to go for a double marker test and a NT and nasal bone ultrasound scan to detect any congenital abnormalities. These are a must and don’t skip these investigations.


Till now you may be taking just folic acid or some hormonal supplements, but from now on depending on your hemoglobin count and requirement, your doctor is likely to suggest iron tablets too.


  • Stress
  • Weight bearing
  • Climbing stairs
  • Working in hot extremes.


Breathing and relaxation exercises are a must at this point. An everyday walk or swim within the comfort zone is an option. But if you have had a bleeding or spotting earlier, then do consult with your doctor.

Emergency situations

Though much safe, there may be some signs and symptoms in the 13th week which when surface you need to call for immediate help:

  • Any vaginal bleeding, no matter how trivial
  • Abdominal pain: Some twitch here and there is expected, but pains that are intolerable and continuous must be reported.

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