Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy and weight gain is expected connection. When another life form is taking shape inside you, there will be certain addition to your weight. But even then it is necessary that the weight gained should only be of the fetus and not by the body of mother herself. Women have a tendency to become fat during Pregnancy as their work activities lessen comparatively, and they have indulge in variety of foods due to food cravings. But despite of this, a woman should watch her diet carefully so that she does not add too much of weight during pregnancy.  

How much weight should you gain during pregnancy?

Let us first understand how much weight a woman puts on during her pregnancy. On an average, a normal baby at birth weighs in between 2.8 and 3.3kg. Further, weight can be added due to the increase in the muscle layer of the uterus or the womb. This muscle weighs around 0.9 kg. Then there is the placenta which carries a weight of over 0.5kg. Since breasts also develop so as to secrete milk, their weight too grows by around 0.4kg.  There is increase in the blood volume due to which there is an increase in the weight by 1.2kg.  

The baby floats in the amniotic fluid which is extra weight of around 2.6kg. Some amount of fat is secreted by the body to provide extra energy to the mother’s body for breast feeding. This weight of fat is around 2.5 kg. So the total weight you should be adding during pregnancy to your normal body weight can be anywhere between 10 to 11 kg in ideal condition. 

How to check the weight gain during pregnancy?

So, although you may feel hungrier than before during pregnancy, and your intake may increase due to this condition, it is not necessary that you should keep on putting everything into your stomach on the name of cravings. Rather, food additions with high energy values and rich in nutrition should be ideally chosen.  Do not go on eating binge just to satisfy hunger pangs. Even during pregnancy if fibrous fruits and other food items are chosen, they can make you fuller and also keep your abdomen clean. Moreover, they will keep a check on your weight gain.  

Your health practitioner will monitor your weight at the time of your check up and she will advise you best as to what to eat and what to avoid. These things are highly important as there are many complications caused during pregnancy due to wrong eating, like diabetes and hypertension. Moreover, after the delivery the extra weight which you have put on is very difficult to get rid off and excluding the average 10 to 11 kg, rest weight remains on your body making you obese. So, even during pregnancy eating right is the key to maintain the weight and keep you healthy.

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