Week 14 of Pregnancy: Start of the Comfortable Phase

Week 14 of Pregnancy: Start of the Comfortable Phase

Week 14 of Pregnancy: Start of the Comfortable Phase

According to the medicos, 14th week is the first step to start enjoying motherhood with crucial testing completed with assuring results. You are in the safe zone with lesser pregnancy symptoms. Once again you will feel like eating and enjoying like before with lesser gestation botheration, though take a little caution.

Energy seems to revert back to you; things that exhausted you in the last few weeks won’t be much of a hassle.

Your body

You begin to start feeling good with not much unpleasant sensations and early gestation symptoms. Further, you can find yourself interested in sex again, and if your doctor permits then sure you can enjoy that too. But do ponder before any move, things are sensitive and you wouldn’t want a little momentary pleasure to harm the little baby inside. Never feel hesitant to talk.

Weight gain this week

Officially, from now on you begin to put on the pregnancy pounds slowly and steadily. If not restricted due to any earlier situation, like spotting, pain or a history of miscarriage you can take up walking and swimming sessions to keep you rejuvenated. These activities will regulate and metabolize all, but remember not to over stress, as you are doing it all to keep healthy and not lose weight. Also, never try to diet or shed the extra weight during the entire phase, keep calm and once a healthy chubby baby is in your arms you have all the time to revert to those curves, but till then admire your pregnancy bulges and stay happy.

Your baby

Quite interesting is the concept of unique finger prints; everyone on this earth has their own individual set. Do you wonder how it develops- here is the answer. Within the last few days and this week the baby scrolls freely and wherever it touches, the walls etc tend to develop these permanent ridges and grooves which are later seen as finger prints. So, the rapid juggling of the baby and rubs let these finger prints and thus stand different for all. Astonishing you too developed your finger prints while moving in your mother’s womb.

Further, brain is rapidly growing every day within the 4 to 5 inches life. This week, the baby begins to exercise lung activity in and out of the amniotic fluid. For first timers, realizing the baby movement is not reported this week, unlike the experienced ones who mostly can.


Following healthy diet as earlier with an extra of 300 calories per day is to be continued.


Remains same as the earlier weeks.


No particular tests are to be conducted this time, but yes you must be expecting the result or have got all reports of the earlier significant examinations in the last few weeks.

Time for tough decisions

The time is tough for those who have been reported with the negative outcomes of the double marker and the NT – NB. May be this is the week you are in a dilemma to go for further invasive tests, or simply terminate it all with the reporting. All we can say is good luck. Support each other and let pass the tough time. Choose under guidance an MTP (medical termination of pregnancy) or amniocentesis to further investigate on the genetic make up of the baby.

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