Double Marker Test

Double marker test is the first trimester screening for pre-natal (pre-birth) genetic disorders including the trisomy of the 18th, 21st and 13th chromosome. With the modern concept of late matrimony, chromosomal defects are seen quite frequently and with age, the chances of developing the above genetic defects station high. So double marker acts as the perfect alarm towards various pre- natal genetic disorders and also assures health.

How it is done?

From the patient’s point of view it is just as simple as a blood test. Simply the blood like for any other test is fetched from the mother under septic conditions and later analysed. The difference a patient may find is that this test is usually not available everywhere and you may need a bigger laboratory infrastructure for the same. Also you will need a copy of the latest ultrasound scan to keep things well timed.

When it is done?

The test is valid from 9th to 13.6 weeks of gestation, but ideally one should get it done between the 10th to the 13th week, though first the gestational age must be confirmed via an ultrasound. A test late than 13.6 weeks of gestation may present false results and stand of no use.

Who should you get it done?

Ideally every expecting mother should get it done irrespective of her age and any previous history of any genetic disorders.

It is seen where a mother with two normal gestations too may have a third baby suffering from Down syndrome (mongolism), so an analysis is a must. When the tools are there to help why not make their appropriate use? Particularly in the developing parts of the world many a times people ignore important tests like the double marker test, thinking it all a money minting process. But in reality it is not, it is all for a safe and hassle free gestation and baby. Never ignore these and always provide the mother and the baby with the best and the most available tests.


The test calculates the beta HCG and PAPP- A value which later is referred to the available statistics and data to be tagged low, high or normal.

In case of down syndrome, the beta HCG levels are seen on a high with low PAPP – A concentration. The test sure gives a risk factor involved with the data well analysed in relation to the maternal age but is not a confirmation of the disorder. Further an NT – NB scan is to be pondered to put forth a combined result. In cases where both tests detect high risk involved, invasive procedures under guidance may have to be approached.


  • The test allows a couple and the doctor to analyse issues at a very early stage and it is the time when safely, if a couple desires so can terminate a disordered baby with no much harm to the mother.
  • Also it comes as a reassurance at an early stage of the baby’s wellbeing with all low risk reports.
  • In case a couple wants a thorough examination, the double marker test gives them enough time to think within the safe zone.
  • It has high detection rate of 90% when combined along with the NT – NB scan.

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