Work for your child’s IQ

Every child is born with intelligence but in varying degree. Some children are good in mathematics while some score better in languages. Some children have special artistic skills. But this is all natural! Apart from the inborn talent, parents should also try to develop the IQ (intelligence quotient) of their child with the help of different activities. Children with better IQ score better in schools and also in sports. Hence in this competitive age, the need for developing the IQ of children has immense advantages.

Some of the steps mentioned here can be very helpful. Have a look at these priceless advices:

Stop spanking your child

One of the recent researches reveal that children who are spanked regularly are low in IQ and also do not show any inclination towards learning and developing more activities. The experts suggest that spanking lowers the self esteem of the children and can lead to decrease in confidence and ability to grasp and observe.

Befriend the child with books

Books are the treasure of knowledge. If you make it a habit of gifting your child with books since he/she is a kid, he/she will develop the habit of regular reading to enhance knowledge and interest in learning. As he / she grow his / her need and inquisitiveness for more knowledge and varied information increases correspondingly. Books help the child to get solution for different questions, curiosities and also make the innocent eyes sharp to identify the required from the unnecessary gossips.

Brain games and teasers 

Various children games that involve lot of IQ activity like brain games or teasers are available in the market. Once in a while you should buy one of them for your child. Some games offer various types of tongue twisters which help to improve the verbal IQ of your child.

Educational shows on television

Almost all children are hooked to television sets and just love to watch various cartoons. But apart from these shows, encourage your child to watch some educational programs that come on various channels. This acquaints the child with the latest in different field and certainly helps in increasing IQ and general knowledge.

Reading and watching news

Although not all news is good for children, you should cite out some particular news that carry tit bits about latest technology around the world. This will help the child know the important things going around in the world.  Encourage him/her to read the newspaper daily. You can ask him/her to start by reading the headlines of front and back page initially and later on when he /she develops interest, he/she can read the whole news or watch it on television. But always at least make sure the child knows the headlines.

Be responsible and boost your child with confidence and gifted IQ.

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