Week 15 of Pregnancy: Thumb Sucking Baby

Backache during Pregnancy

Backache during Pregnancy

Yes, this is the week when your little life has finally discovered his/her thumb and has begun sucking it too; lovely to feel.

Your body

Though you feel energized and less tired, just like earlier, but remember to take out all the time for rest, 8 hours complacent sleep at night and a 2 hour afternoon nap should be on the schedule. As quoted many times, the more you sleep the better it is for your baby, as lying down directs maximum flow to the uterus and placenta.

Positions are utmost important by now. Try to sleep on sides and not on abdomen as you may press the entire uterus and the baby. Also do not sleep on the back as the rising bulky uterus may directly exert pressure on the blood vessels of the mother, disrupting the normal flow.

Position while standing is very important as leaning a bit may be found comfortable but a straight back will help develop stronger muscles and can easily make you escape the pregnancy backache troubles.

A tiny little flutter may be felt by you this time, so it’s no gas bubble but your first feeling of a life inside. You can feel it, but the poor father may not have his share and shall wait till the 28th week to feel it.

Weight gain this week

By now you can find yourself about 3 to 4 kilograms heavy in total, fuller cheeks the increasing blood flow, but not much of a bump will be seen.

Your baby

Till this time the baby was just confined to the uterus, but from now on the increasing size is pushing in the abdomen that will later be a major attraction to you.

Hairy week for the child, with developing eye lashes, brows and even scalp hair. The baby is sensitive to light by this time, but the eyes remain closed as of now. The 70 gram, 4 inch is now set on a path of rapid growth in the next coming 4 weeks, so be prepared with all and don’t let the baby and you fall off any nutritional deprivation.

Test and medications remain same as earlier, though a practitioner may ask for hemoglobin estimation. Evidences state that hemoglobin tends to lower within pregnancy and you may need to stress more on the iron and related therapy. Also, some females may report pica (craving for indigestible foods like chalk, sand etc), it is no pregnancy sign but one of the indication of iron deficiency anemia. So don’t think it a usual pregnancy craving but a situation that needs external help.

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