Week 16 of pregnancy: Feel your Baby


Week 16 of pregnancy: Feel your Baby

The end of the fourth month bless almost all expecting mothers with a feeling of life; not only is the small movement felt as a miracle, but is also a guarantee of live developing baby inside, recognized by medicos as “quickening”. Don’t worry if you haven’t felt them till date, mostly in first timers, particularly in obese ones it may take another 4 weeks to mark all lovely fetal motions beneath.

Your body

The nose may be a point of trouble for few, nose bleeds and nasal congestion are likely to be seen in hypertensives. Though a bit of gestational blood pressure rise is very common, but must be kept a check on and should be controlled at all costs as this minute rise may seem trivial, but in later stages can shape in much of a havoc interfering labor etc. During the pregnancy always try having a lot of water and also keep the salt intake low, whether hypertensive or not, a low blood pressure is not a bother but yes a high one can be troublesome.

Further your chest size is on a high. Tenderness is almost settled, but a little pain can be felt if pressed hard. Obviously with extravagant breast and milk ducts that have an important function to serve later. Also, some can express a thick yellow liquid from nipples around this time, it is known as colostrum.

Weight gain

Rising about 300 to 400 grams every week is a normal pattern. It is advisable for a expecting mother not to check the weight regularly as it is bound to happen and every time weight gain can be a little depressing, so it is better to note it at least after a month. Traditionally, gynecologists related the weight gain with the baby growth, but now studies have proved that baby growth is not at all proportional to the weight gained by the mother.

Your baby

Your 85 gram about 6 inches long baby has all nails developed by now. The baby has begun with all expressions, set for a million dollar smile and baby moods. As of now, the skin is a bit translucent and wrinkled, preparing to soon be filled up with the cute baby fat.

Medications and diet are to be continued as earlier.


If you haven’t done your entire test in the earlier weeks, you can go for an invasive test to assure fetal well being. Most gynecologists will schedule you for a triple marker test followed by amniocentesis. All the best!

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