Week 18 of pregnancy: Time for the Baby to keep you on your Toes!


You will find your lower abdomen filled with a jumping frog inside, making its presence felt now and then. The week seems a satisfying experience and especially for the first timers, it will come as joyous bliss when the mother will actually feel her baby. It is angelic and no mother on this earth can explain the feeling. Sure she is on cloud nine and will keep waiting for the pops each hour of the day.

 Your body

Baby is making those movements within you and now weighs enough to hit hard and make you feel all. This week is quite fun indeed.

In case you haven’t felt them till now, don’t worry it happens with few females mostly with obesity. Further, if there comes a time when you felt all the movements earlier but have no signs or flutters now, then talking to the doctor would be wise. But within the phase do keep yourself glued to the bed, sometimes varied sounds in the background and rigorous mother movements may cause baby to baffle and stay still. As in some may say the baby is sleeping, but according to the experts a baby at a stretch sleeps only for 40 to 50 minutes. In most cases, the movements revert with bed rest and increased blood flow to the area that comes by lying on sides particularly on the left.

Hunger will grip you this week; you may find yourself wanting a bit more share on your plate every time and in between snacking too. Do indulge yourself, but try to choose healthy options over just the fattening filling ones.

Weight gain

Gaining steadily and blooming.

Your baby

Apart from the movements, the ears are all done and the baby can follow all your conversations, so try to read out some nice books to the baby. As your granny will say all you teach this time will pay you later and now you have a scientific reason too. Bones are turning strong and also the nervous system is on a high stage of progress and undergoing complicated weaves. Baby is slowly developing the basics senses to be exercised later in life. About 5 to 8 inches long, the baby weighs 200 grams in total in this week.


As mentioned above, hunger cramps may strike a bit more often than before, so try having small meals time to time. Try plunge on a glass of milk, a protein rich snack like nuts etc or else an egg. Further, from now, do also take into account the carbohydrate content, have enough to meet both ends. But remember to divide meals and it would be better to have six small meals rather than 2 heavy meals in the day.

Medication remains the same.


Triple marker test is advised at this point of time and never skip it. It is a risk finder for major genetic disorder and will warn you of the same. Always remember to take a latest ultrasound copy to leave no loopholes or any miscalculation over the gestational age while performing this blood test.

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