Don’t remain dead 24 hours a day- Exercise for an hour!


Don’t remain dead 24 hours a day- Exercise for an hour!

No doubt a human body is a miraculous machine, but it too needs help not to let the body stagnate by sitting idle. You can often notice that sedentary lifestyle can lead to various health related issues which can seriously hamper our health and well as cause different physical and psychological trauma. If you work in your office for long hours and do not include any physical activity in your daily routine, your body will soon become a home to various diseases and conditions, like obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular ailments and so on.

Whether you go to a doctor or any health specialist, all of them will definitely recommend you to include some form of physical activity and exercise in your daily activity. There is a strong link between blood circulation and exercise, in addition to excessive weight loss and other health benefits.

When you start exercising, you will realize that after each passing day you are becoming more and more active and you will start enjoying the exercises as your blood circulation improves.

Greater level of fitness and cardiovascular health is increased incredibly through physical activities. Due to the increased efficiency of the heart and lung circulation, delivery of oxygen to your muscles will automatically increase. The transport of nourishment, the elimination of toxins and the function of liver and kidney are all improved due to exercise. In short, you can say that exercise improves every system of the body.

As mentioned earlier, lack of exercise leads to slow blood circulation in the body. Hence, those people  whose work include sitting for long hours in front of a desktop or laptop or those who lead an inactive life, need to practice regular exercise in order to stay fit and healthy.

In order to help increase blood circulation, here are some exercises that should be followed on a regular basis:

Walking- The easiest and simplest form of exercise is walking. Maintain a routine of walking at least half an hour a day. For example go for a long walk at lunch time or you can easily get off the bus a few stops early. Take a walk for at least ten minutes after meals in the office premises. Why mail your seniors or subordinates when their work station is just a few feet away. Just go up to them and raise the issue. This will not only form a good way of exercise but will also help you to enhance your relationship with the concerned person.

Cycling- The muscles of the legs and thighs are toned by regular cycling. By fostering blood circulation, cycling provides the heart and the blood vessels a good work out. The use of a reclining bicycle will give the perfect effect. Those with a sedentary life style can benefit the most.

Swimming- Swimming is not only a good form of physical activity, it is loads of fun. Anything that suits you, from back stroke to butterfly stroke to breast stroke can be tried.

Aerobics- If you get bored while working out and doing the same exercises time and again in the gym, then you can try aerobics and sway to the music! You can even buy DVD’s of aerobics workout that are readily available and try good forms of workout at home.

Belly Dancing- When you take into consideration the blood circulation, belly dancing has proven its worth and effectiveness. It strengthens the bowel movements and abdominal muscles and promotes cardiovascular health. Rowing, running stairs and climbing are also good exercises for blood circulation.

Just think of the trauma and amount of money you will have to spend on the treatment of the ailments and conditions due to the lack of exercise. Following an exercising routine forms much better option not only to keep these conditions at bay, but also to enhance your personality and self esteem!

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