Handy Travel Tips for Older Adults


Handy Travel Tips for Older Adults

It is usually in the later stages of life that one find enough leisure time to travel around. Unfortunately this is also the time when one has to be more careful about health. With age the immune system is no longer as healthy as it used to be, and one is more vulnerable to diseases and infections. And with travelling far from the conveniences of home and medical facilities, it is essential to exercise a little caution. Mentioned below are a few travel tips, which if kept in mind will make your trip a memorable one:

  • Make sure you have had the standard doses of vaccination against Tetanus, Diptheria and Poliomyelitis. The other conditions that you should take care of being vaccinated against are Influenza and Hepatitis A & B. You can also consider a vaccination against Pneumoccal bacteria; this vaccination is administered once in every five years.
  • It is essential that you leave a detailed medical history and ongoing treatments at home with a friend or relative and carry a copy with you always. In case you are on a treatment that requires injections using syringes, always keep with you a letter from your doctor that illustrates your illness and the medication you are currently on. This becomes especially important in view of the current security regulations in airports.
  • An important travel tip is to add a couple of mild laxatives to your medical bag as constipation is more possible in senior traveller as compared to diarrhea.
  • Another travel tip for seniors is to exercise caution against Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Preventive measures usually include regular isometric muscle exercises, fluid consumption, elastic compression stockings and taking blood thinners before travelling. Take care that these precautions should be taken under the guidance of a medical practitioner.
  • With age our body becomes more sensitive to fluctuations in climate and environment. A sound travel tip would be to check before hand the expected temperature and environmental conditions of the destination, so that you can carry the right kind of clothing.
  • Seniors with heart conditions should stay away from salty foods during travel. If you are on a diuretic and contract traveller’s diarrhea, your condition may worsen due to loss of potassium from the body. The situation  may become even more serious if you are on antiarrhythmia drugs. Check with your physician for this, before leaving for your destination.
  • Seniors with a previous history of Angina or Coronary insufficiency should always remember to carry with themselves a prescription of nitroglyceride while travelling.
  • Those suffering from venous problems should take care to stay out of heat, keep well hydrated, and be active while travel.
  • Another travel tip is to carry enough medicines to last you the whole trip as it might be difficult to find medicines at local markets.
  • Take care to keep drinking adequate amount of water while travelling, even if you are not thirsty. Elderly may not feel thirsty often because of impaired kidney function and are more vulnerable to suffer from electrolyte and fluid imbalance.
  • Seniors, who use hearing aids, should always carry with them a set of extra batteries during travel.

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