Week 19 of Pregnancy: Heartburn Phase

Week 19 of Pregnancy: Heartburn Phase

Week 19 of Pregnancy: Heartburn Phase

You may be done with the morning sickness and all first trimester issues, but second trimester has in stores its own set of troubles- the most prominent one is heartburn. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones that cause the stomach sphincters / openings to relax and let your food to crop up again and again giving sour burning sensations within the chest region.

Your body 

The week as put forth above will bring along heartburn. Heartburn is a common symptom encountered from mid pregnancy onwards. Here the hormones and baby pushes dually and let the small amounts of food re-enter the food pipe. The scenario may be experienced about 3 to 4 times in a day span; though nothing can be done about the cause as you want those baby kicks and also the corresponding hormones. So, here are few pointers that adopted wisely can assist to keep heartburn at bay:

  • Try to avoid empty and full stomach, simply keep having tits and bits. But don’t overstuff yourself as you will experience unnecessary heaviness.
  • In case of empty stomach, acid formations are on a high, so try sipping in some cold water. This will counter act and dilute all. So, always keep a water bottle next to you
  • Going to bed with a full stomach isn’t a very good idea, in case it happens try to stay propped for a while and let all settle.
  • Have your dinner at least 1 or 2 hour before bedtime, and later if you feel hungry munch in some small snack or a glass of warm milk
  • Avoid spicy food and try not to eat junk food.

Weight gain

About 5 kilograms heavy from the pre pregnancy scale is normally observed, but be prepared as in the next 10 weeks you or rather the baby would gain the most, get going and accept all.

Your baby

Now the baby is piling on his/her own brown fat to protect himself/herself. In this week, a white coating appears all over the baby, better known as vernix to keep the skin of your baby protected from any discolouration from the amniotic fluid around. Also, beneath the vernix tiny little hairs (lanugo) begin to develop all over. About 6 inches long and about 220 to 230 grams in total, the baby is making all progress with full fledge kidney functions. Behind the milk teeth, this week the permanent teeth buds start developing.

Diet, medications and exercises should be continued as prescribed.


The time is now to move on to another level and go for a level 2 obstetrics scan. The scan basically is done to have a broader and detailed look of the baby organs. The outcome is satisfying and is a must for every expecting female. The best time for the scan is in between the 18th and 22nd week of pregnancy.

 All the best for a prince or a princess to arrive!      

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