Week 20 of Pregnancy: Half way down the line

Week 20 of Pregnancy-Stretch marks

Week 20 of Pregnancy-Stretch marks

Week 20 is a landmark in the journey; almost half of the pregnancy stage is over. It is such a relief to know that the arrival of the awaited is coming nearer and nearer with every week that pass by and you have more or less covered up half of the path. Also, this week is more of rejuvenation compared to the earlier weeks. Here you may be feeling bulky on the tummy, but otherwise in general feelings are quite calm. You feel much more energetic with not much nausea and smells to bother as compared to the first three months.

Your body

Whether you have gained a lot or have put on just a little bit, your tummy has begun to show. Pregnancy is now obvious for all those you meet up.

With progressing lower abdomen, there arises another hassle hand in hand well known by stretch marks. These silvery lines mark the excess stretching of the skin with the new accommodation, and unfortunately do not go away with any measures whatsoever. It isn’t a compulsion that all will have these never seizing marks, but yes almost 99 % females get it. Be prepared and do keep your skin nourished.

Weight gain

You may have gained about 4 to 5 kilograms till now, but even if you have gained more than this then too it is not a worry if all the weight has been drawn from a nutritious diet.  A nutrient rich diet may lead to more of weight gain than usual, but this will go easy soon after delivery if you work as prescribed. In case all junk food craving are responsible for those fuller body types, then you will have to work judiciously and gift your baby and yourself health and not just excess stubborn flab.

Your baby

By this week, the baby is very much developed with a particular sleep pattern. As the expecting mother can almost tell when the baby is sleeping or is active in which hour of the day, based of the movements she is feeling these days.

Further, lanugo begins to cover the entire body; this white protective layer doesn’t let the amniotic fluid stain the skin and can also be seen after birth. At this point of time baby weighs about 280 to 300 grams and measures a total of about 6 ½ inches.


As mentioned above, it should be nourishing, well managed with higher proteins and also do keep essential segments for carbohydrates as well. Remember to have an extra of 300 calories on daily basis.


 Triple marker test: The blood test is a must till the end of this week if you haven’t had it earlier. It helps detect the risk involved for many chromosome abnormalities.

Obstetrics level 2 scan: This scan is rather a fascination for the parents as it gives quite a close look to your little pudding. Also, it gives an insight on all the baby organ functions etc.

Medications, avoidance’s and exercises remain same as the earlier 2 to 3 weeks.

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