Eye Care in Old Age

Eye Care in Old Age

Eye Care in Old Age

Our eyes usually begin troubling us with advancing years. Some of the common eye troubles that one might face with age are:

 Decrease in light sensitivity

If the need for bright light is increasing constantly, then this is a warning signal. It is important not to dismiss it as a temporary problem and consult a doctor immediately.

Reduced visual capability

Another common eye trouble that accompanies old age is the elderly person’s inability to differentiate between colors. The colors look dimmer to the elderly person and the person feels a glare shining on when light falls directly on them. It is because of this reason that the elderly are advised against driving at night.

Trouble reading small print

Presbyopia makes the elderly face difficulty in able to read the small print. The eyes lens loses its elasticity and is not able to focus rightly. These people generally require magnifying glasses or reading glasses to read.

The eye conditions that usually accompany ageing are:

Cataract: This eye condition causes clouding of the eyes and the vision gets dim or blurred with difficulty to see at night. The other symptoms are:

  • The eyes are extremely sensitive to glare and bright light
  • Patient might always notice a halo around every light
  • The colors seen by the person are faded or yellow
  • The person starts seeing multiple visions or many objects at once

Cataract can be effectively treated by surgery. Consult a ophthalmologist immediately if you feel your eyes clouding.

Glaucoma: An increase level of pressure inside the eyeball is usually the reason behind Glaucoma. The symptoms of this eye condition are:

  • Eyes become sensitive to light and are unable to withstand glare of any sort
  • Eyes loose the ability to distinguish between colors of light and dark
  • Night vision is blurred
  • Eyes may lose vision from the lateral side temporarily
  • The person might also suffer from eye discomfort and pain

If a person experiences pain in the eyes accompanied by headache, vomiting and nausea together with vision changes, it is possible that Glaucoma might be the cause of the trouble. It is best to consult an ophthalmologist immediately in this condition.

Macular Degeneration:  The eyes can also suffer from age related macular degeneration. In this the tissue macula starts getting dysfunctional. The retinal macula is responsible for providing the center of the visual field. The degeneration of the macula results in the appearance of a blind spot in the centre. Mentioned below are certain symptoms, if spotted, the person should immediately consult an ophthalmologist. These are:

  • Requiring more light to read
  • Blurred and distorted vision
  • Brightness of colors get dimmer
  • Hazy vision
  • Unable to visualize things in a dimly lit room

Floaters: The vitreous turns more liquid and jelly like with age leading to development of Floaters. This eye condition causes presence of spots and specks floating in the vision field.  The condition may not be dangerous initially but if the floater’s grow abnormally large in numbers and the person starts suffering from light flashes, then these might be indicative of a tear in the retina that can later lead to detachment.

Floaters have also been seen as a symptom of Cancer of the eye commonly called Eye Melanoma. Prompt medical supervision is requires in such patients.

Mentioned above were a few common eye condition associated with old age. It is essential that proper medical attention is given on spotting any of the above mentioned eye conditions.

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