How to detect illness in a baby?

How to detect illness in a baby?

How to detect illness in a baby?

Baby gives you immense joy and treasure of worries. Parents are happy when the baby is playing and laughing. But when the baby starts crying frequently without any reason at all the parents indeed get anxious. Since the baby do not have any other means of expressing all apart from crying, analyzing the reason becomes difficult, especially for the first time parents who instantly get worried in such a situation. You can often see young worried parents rushing for small reasons to the health practitioner for their baby. So as to prevent your unnecessary trips to the doctor and save your time as well as money, some of the points mentioned here can be very beneficial.

Neck stiffness

The infants up to the age of 5 months cannot hold their neck properly and hence are more prone to stiffness of neck problem. How to detect it? If the neck of baby is stiff he/she will cry when you hold them or whenever you touch it. You can see that the baby is uneasy. In such cases it is better that you go to the doctor, who with few massaging steps can relieve the pain.


A normal healthy baby is highly active and is constantly trying to make some noise while playing or play with toys. But if your baby is showing signs of lethargy even after proper sleep and feeding, it is possible that there is something wrong with the health and he/she should be taken immediately to the doctor.


If the baby is having mild fever, you can try out some medications given earlier by the doctor. Most of the times, the fever can be due to cough and cold. If the fever goes above 1050F then its time you see the doctor. Never treat the baby at home in such high fever as there are more chances that the baby is suffering from some serious infection.

Swollen or tender testicles or abdomen 

Intestinal and gastric problems are quite common in infants. If your baby is crying persistently, the mother should check whether the baby is having bowel problems or whether the abdomen looks hard or swollen. Sometimes even the testicles appear swollen. In such cases, the problem is really severe and baby is in need of proper treatment.

Blue lips

Many times due to severe cold, the lips of the baby turn blue. The color should return back to normal on warming the baby with woolen clothes and keeping the baby in warm conditions. But even after such steps if the lips retain the blue color, it’s an indication that the baby is suffering some severe health condition.

Crying constantly

There are times when the baby cries uncontrollably and even when consoled by the mother many times, the crying does not stop at all. If such crying continues for more than an hour and no obvious symptoms of the agony /bother is visible, then the baby should be immediately taken to the doctor.

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