Expecting in winters

Expecting in winters

Expecting in winters

Pregnancy is one of the most blessed periods of a woman’s life, irrespective of all the hassles and pains as the joy of having one’s own child is enough to give woman strength to go through all the problems. But even then, some precautions should be taken when you are carrying, especially would be mother should be concerned about the effects of changes in weather conditions on her health and the baby to be born in that particular season.

Come winter and you have to be prepared to usher in lots of chilly nights and cold days.

Some of the merits of winter are:

  • This is the best season for digestion and making health and if the weather conditions are not adverse or extreme, you can bloom to full glory during this season.
  • This is the best season for flowers, growing for vegetables and fruits and you can get all natural varieties in the market which is immensely beneficial for health.
  • Cold climate keeps you energetic all the time, as there is no loss of energy through perspiration.
  • It is the best time for exercise too.

Some of the demerits of winter are:

  • In winter the cold related diseases like cough and cold, sneezing, pneumonia, sinus, are on the rise and people who have tendency to get afflicted with cold are troubled the most.
  • Chronic problems like asthma, arthritis, joint pain etc. are aggravated during this season.
  • Too much coldness leaves your hands and feet and numb leading to inactivity in many people.
  • Extreme cold conditions can be fatal for newborns, elderly people and patients as at times blood circulation gets affected.

Are you expecting in winter?

If yes, then nothing much to worry about! winters as you must have heard your granny say is the best season to deliver. Further, all the seasons have their pros and cons and if you are prepared beforehand you can combat smoothly. Follow some of the steps which will help protect the health of the mother and the infant both in the cold:

  • First of all, the moment an infant is born wrap him/her in thick woolen clothes from head to toe in such a way that no drift of cold wind touches the body.
  • Cover the baby constantly with warm blanket or sheet but do remember to never let the baby suffocate indeed of being warm.
  • Always maintain clean hygiene and dryness and from time to time check the baby’s nappy. This should be done quite frequently as in cold season; infants tend to urinate more often.
  • While picking up the baby, always warm your hands so that the coldness of your hand does not get transferred to the baby.
  • Keep the mother and the baby away from persons infected with cough and cold or any other infection as both the infant and the mother at this stage are weak and low in immunity and vulnerable to catch any slightest of infection.
  • The new mother should protect herself by wearing warm clothes and covering her head with scarf and putting cotton balls in ears.
  • The new mother should refrain from touching cold water and should only use warm or hot water for all her activities. She should eat warm freshly cooked food.
  • The baby at this juncture should be only breast fed. But owing to certain conditions top feeding is to be given, the milk should be always warm preferably at body temperature so that the infant do not catch cold.
  • For the initial few weeks the baby and the mother should not be exposed directly to the outside atmospheric conditions and kept in warm ambience.

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