Week 22 of Pregnancy: Time for your last day Shopping!

Week 22 of Pregnancy: Time for your last day Shopping!

Week 22 of Pregnancy: Time for your last day Shopping!

The span extending for the 20th to the 30th week of pregnancy is a phase where an expecting mother would gain the maximum amount of weight. The good news here is that it is not the mother, but her supporting tissues of pregnancy like muscle mass, placenta, breast and moreover the baby is having his/her fair share.

Your body

Very slowly you can find yourself again being tired as earlier, compelling you to rest. It marks the progress to the last trimester. Further the week is also a beginning of true pregnancy cravings. You must have heard of females that long for delicacies during pregnancy, for which they are ready to trouble all near ones. So that time has arrived, many will even find themselves longing for things that they may not have had all life. Also, there would be few favorite food items that are now unbearable; thinking of them is also a burden. For instance most report to develop a peculiar disliking for pulses and lady finger, though it may differ from person to person.

Here comes the interesting part, when the oldies will predict gender on the eating pattern, like sweets indicate a girl whereas those who seek salty articles are predicted to have a baby boy.

So, just keep listening if you don’t know the gender as your country doesn’t permit gender prediction scans.

Weight gain

Be prepared for the rising weight scale and love every bit of it.

Your baby

Reflexes by now are turning strong; the little fingers now are equipped to grasp things. There are points when he she may actually grab the placenta or try taking a facial touch.

Taste buds are fully active and the baby may not like the liquor taste at all, a scan may reveal your baby tongue protruding in and out to practice taste sensations, like preparing for future.

Almost 400 -425 grams in weight and measuring around 11 inches, the baby is making a rapid brain development this week.


No tests are required in this phase.


Along with already prescribed curriculum, omega 3 supplements may be added to meet the required needs. As mentioned, brain development is on a high and supplements should be added in a prescribed frequency and dosage.


Begin preparing: Do take up the list from your gynecologist for the things you would need in the hospital, and slowly start shopping as later it may be tiring to meet every end. Even your oldies at home may not allow stepping out often in the last months. So take your time and choose the best in case you have some customized needs in mind.

Further, within the list do keep your requirements too; many a times mothers due to the excitement may just let go their needs and face a bit of troubles. Comfy night wears with front zippers or buttons with absorbable bras to take off the excess milk are a must. Also breast pump is needed as well, many have difficulty breast feeding in the beginning and a pump would assist feeding your little one.

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