Adverse effects of choosing high heels over flats

Adverse effects of choosing high heels over flats

Adverse effects of choosing high heels over flats

The footwear industry is thriving with the each passing day as footwear adds grace and enhances the persona of all. When it comes to lady’s footwear, women generally prefer wearing heels which increases their charm and adds to their appeal. This is the reason why the marketers keep on tapping it intelligently to make women spend their money to buy this orthopedic trouble. In spite of the aches and sprains, women relish these fashion possessions and move a step ahead to develop a passion for them.

Various fashion magazines are all filled with celebrity interviews claiming to possess hundreds of high heels to settle their obsession. Further, all markets are full of heels to in varieties to instantly catch the attention of women and induce them to take action and purchase these stuffs. In simple words, the footwear elevates the heels as compared to the toes of the feet, violating the natural law.

Pains apart, these heels are an essential part to any modern female attire as the added height draws attention and add grace and splendor. But here too one has to pay a hefty price to the luxury of self attained unnatural rise:

Ankle twist and tiredness

The overstretching of the feet and the ankles leads to gruesome times with extreme tiredness and chances of ankle twists in long run. The position diverts all the pressure on the forefoot, changing the natural orthopedic distribution on the entire foot surface. Further, it affects posture too as the lower body curves forwards and the upper body tends to curve backwards as a compensation mechanism.

Lesser balance

With minimal surface to support, the balance is ought to be disturbed. The foot moves outwards and the spinal adjustments become vulnerable, leading to falls even in slightest turbulence.


When one wear heels, the lower spine flattens and the upper and the middle portion tend to bend forward. Further, the body makes all possible adjustments to straighten the back and in the process uses the musculoskeletal system in extremes. Due to obstinate heel habits, lower backache becomes frequent with excessive muscle overuse.

Knees and hips

With an artificial elevation in the half of the foot, the hip and the knee muscles are required to work a bit extra. Knees move a little forward than normal, exerting pressure on the flexor muscles of the hip joint. A repetitive exposure permanently shortens the hip muscles affecting tread.


Studies conducted worldwide clearly reveal the extra burden on the knees due where the weight bearing joint stays bent and experience a compressing force on the inner setting door open for the degenerative arthritis changes.

Calf muscles

The body in order to accommodate high heels tend to shorten the calf muscles and bear long term aftermaths


Corns, bunions, sores, blisters and calluses with dual action of friction and pressure are ought to develop with high heels.

High heel hazards  but if studied deep can leave one completely crippled and dependent in the old age. So, next time when you pick your siren and drop dead gorgeous stilettos do remember this write for your own welfare.

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