Week 23 of pregnancy: Keep off the Back Pain!

Week 23 of pregnancy: Keep off the Back Pain!

Week 23 of pregnancy: Keep off the Back Pain!

Sure with every progressing week, a mother will feel as if she is a princess being extraordinarily cared of. Most relatives and friends keep a check and call to ask for her well being. Soon to be a mother and pampered well, you have lots of reasons to savor the phase.

Your Body

Baby is making a steady progress in the abdomen and your gynecologist in each subsequent visit will try to feel and even measure the fundal height, distance from the pubic bone to the uterus and height in the abdomen.

Pregnancy is a package deal of love, affection, responsibilities and related symptoms. With increasing pressure from now on, you may begin to experience back issues. Backache is one of the commonest things to encounter with all gestational changes and weight. Here are some of the tips to avoid it:

  • Posture: The way a mother stands and sits makes a lot of difference.  A good posture allows the muscles to stay upright against gravity and let off the back strain.
  • Stand straight: Leaning or protruding belly will overstretch tissue leaving aching impression.
  • Lengthen your back: Held up against a wall with back touching the wall, tuck in your tummy and make the spine straight. Don’t worry, your tucking in is no problem as the baby is well cushioned. But in case you feel uncomfortable, then do take help of a medical expert in the initial phase.
  • Lie down more often on sides: Resting will help relieve the issues and make you escape the agony as soon as possible.
  • When lying straight: In case you prefer lying straight, then try placing a small towel or pillow beneath the curve of the back. When you lie down you must have observed hollow space so fill it up with a comfy support.

Also from now on, the uterine muscles may initiate contractions as a segment to prepare for the D day every now and then, also known as Braxton hicks contractions. These contractions are no harm to the baby, but are positive sign of progress.

Weight Gain

Don’t bother; it is all coming for good. But if you observe a sudden raise in weight, then you should immediately consult your doctor, as it may raise the chances of high blood pressure.

Your Baby

His /her tiny nails are all done. In total, your baby weighs a little more than half a kilogram.  Fat production is on a high and will keep this way for a while. Skin is turning lesser transparent and the baby is taking all body proportions now.


Here, experts will recommend area specific exercises to tone and support the muscles so that they act positively during labor and don’t turn up as an obstacle.

Keep taking good nutritious meals with all your medications.

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