The “Health” aspect of high-tech gadgets

With the advent of the gadgets and new technologies, the life of all has drastically changed. Slowly and steadily our homes are all filled with gadgets and luxuries that have made daily chores and our lives quite easy and comfortable. All these gadgets definitely ensure advancements, but have you ever contemplated that we are forced to pay other forms of prices too, apart from their costs? This is due to the fact that these gadgets have opened gateways or set roots to many health issues. To top the category, there are pregnancy disorders and nerve disorders that have shown a striking rise in the past few decades with the advancing technology.

Electronic massagers and Health Issues

All the electronic massagers are considered to be bliss. These provide instant relaxation and are good stress busters. But studies reveal that these electronic massagers are an absolute no-no when it comes to pregnancy, as many pregnancy disorders, including abortion are caused due to their chronic soothing sensations.

Nerve disorders are another area to be well included in electronic massagers. The motions set in the machinery to improve circulation act same on all the surface areas, whether soft or hard and will also keep stimulating the nerve ends, altering their normal function of sensing issues.

Disruption in pain, heat and mechanical reception are seen to fall apart in the form of varied nerve disorders with electronic massagers. Manual massaging is quite an advantage, as here the chances of keeping a painful area away from the hard pressure is quite easy and also the chances of the nerve impression are too very rare.

Slimming belts and related health issues

With obesity becoming one of the major health issues among large portion of people all across the globe, the demand of slimming belts have skyrocketed.  Every person desire to shed off the flab as soon as possible and fit into those curvaceous clothes.

But these heat belts have adversely affected the very purpose of life; i.e. reproduction. Many pregnancy disorders have been reported with their parallel use and experts strictly advise expecting mothers to keep away from these luxuries. Weight gain is common and essential for healthy pregnancy. So if you are planning to get pregnant or are already in the phase of those beautiful nine months, then beware and keep pregnancy disorders far away from yourself and your new blooming life. Instead, in order to maintain a healthy body, you can go for walks and choose healthy diet when pregnant and not rely on these artificial aids. If you are not pregnant, then too instead of using these slimming, try jogging, and consuming a calorie strict diet. Also, these measures will not only bring in your weight within the right range, but will also assist mental health and keep issues like depression at bay.

Health hazards of Cell phones

It is a proven fact that nerve disorders have been in limelight with the continuous use of cell phones. Their chronic use has highlighted nerve damage. Holding the cell phones for longer hours reduces the blood flow to the forearm nerve leading to ulnar nerve disorders. Further, the radiations are seen to provoke nerve disorders as serious as epilepsy and hastened brain damage.

These so called life-easing gadgets may claim no side effects and only comfort, but they lead to varied health hazards. So, it is always advisable to choose the right path, take the advice of the health experts and ensure the usage of these gadgets with precaution.

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