Why Men should check for Male Infertility?

Why Men should check for Male Infertility?

Why Men should check for Male Infertility?

Male infertility has been quite an interesting topic since ages. Though the traditional ways only considered the females responsible for the entire gestation and the process of the baby and kept the men aloof. Modern discoveries and findings do state there is an established place of the mother but males also have their role to play. Male infertility is definitely a cause for the childless curse that was earlier only limited to the female group.  For years and years a female was blamed upon for no reproduction, even when she was absolutely normal and suffers an issue of low sperm count intercourse. Statistics analysed worldwide put forth about 40 % of fertile issues arising from the male side and the next 40 % from the females and 10 % from both end flaws and the rest 10 % stays unknown with both partners healthy and fertile, but still not able to conceive the baby bliss.

Working in context with the male infertility, men should be analysed first on the infertility hassle.

Go for a semen analysis

Before moving any further, let’s first get to know what semen analysis is and its role in male infertility issues. The evaluation is a strict thorough of the ejaculate. Particularly the assessment is for the sperm count per milliliter of the ejaculation directly affecting the conception rate and thus male infertility.

The query

This section is elaborative and therefore should begin with men. The infertility is couple issue and must be investigated from the head to the toe to leave no hidden cause or obstacle to achieve the desired. But then many medicos recommend for male investigations first as they are less complicated, non invasive and simpler as compared to the female ones.

Make analysis simple

The word sounds very easy and swift, but it can give any guy goose bumps to drain its private excretions for estimations.  For obvious reasons no one can feel at rest when the most important asset is within everyone’s eyes. A doctor should try making him calm and should try evacuating the male infertility feeling as it may not be even there.

The samples must not be old then 30 minutes and should be preferably fresh. The container must be clean as an unclean one can lead to dilemma and ambiguous results.

What to look for?

For male infertility existence or non existence, there are few aspects that must be pondered, including:

  • Sperm count and structure as mentioned above is quite a significant finding. Sperms that are normal, motile enough and functional can only result in fruitful results. Ill structured sperms can never serve the needful. Further count is important as low level cannot stand the vagina and reach the ova to give a successful result.
  • pH level: the semen must be alkaline to neutralise the acidity and protect sperms and make their way steady.
  • Sugar levels: to sustain within the female vaginal tract, the semen must be enough with sugar to support sperms and in case it fails, the sperms will die off soon within the course.

The above is enough to educate all and make every couple realise its true worth. Once the reports show no male infertility, then the female must be approached for further tests.

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