Week 24 of pregnancy: Watch for any Premature Labor Signs

Week 24 of pregnancy: Watch for any Premature Labor Signs

Week 24 of pregnancy: Watch for any Premature Labor Signs

The title may have baffled you in the first instance, but yes it is true. Some of the would-be-mom are seen to go into premature labor. Further, one must be very cautious, particularly in summers as dehydrated is very common and studies reveal that dehydration may trigger premature labor.

Your body

If your pregnancy is going well then you have other milestones to think about. Let’s watch out for last week of second trimester landmarks:

Hair issue is another aspect of pregnancy often left untold. Many females report of abnormal hair growth over the areas like chin, chest, nipples, back and belly. Again it is the hormones responsible for the abnormal growth. Further, these hormones too delay the hair shedding cycles, so you will actually find a lesser or no hair fall in this period. So go ahead and flaunt those hefty dense scalp locks.

Remember waxing is a safe option, so you can go for it. But always maintain comfy positions and let the skin shine.

Weight gain

Baby is growing and you are gaining weight.

Your baby

Almost 600 grams and 12 inches long, the baby is fully developed lying upside down. You can even feel the kick now direct in your chest. The major landmarks here are the fully developed external and internal ear, where the baby can hear all and has a sense of balance too. Baby can hear all of it now, so pamper the little one with good music and vibes and beware of the fights or conflicts!

Moreover with the balancing sense, the baby can actually feel the upside position in which he / she may have to stay for the next 3 months.


Don’t ignore even a trivial symptom; talking to your doctor would be the right move. Try reading books over pregnancy and baby care from now on. You would be astonished to know the small steps that can make you and your baby’s life so easy, even in the crucial demanding stages such as labor.

Look out for ante natal yoga sessions: The book in a nice ventilated place under experienced hands to enjoy the benefits of ante natal yoga sessions. These will benefit and will prepare you all step in advance with correct scientific wisdom. Also ,do go with your partner as he can help you perform and practice every posture correctly. He too needs to know all, as on the D day he would be the only one in perfect health and sense among the family.

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