Suffering from Insomnia? What “not” to do

Suffering from Insomnia? What "not" to do

Suffering from Insomnia? What “not” to do

Are you really frustrated due to your sleep routine- or more appropriately the lack of it? Well, the truth is that you are not the only one! Majority of the people all across the world experience Insomnia at some stage in their lives and approximately 10 percent of them exhibit symptoms of Chronic Insomnia. If you find yourself blankly staring at the walls at odd hours of the night, it’s high time you get the right information to fix your problem of Insomnia. Many people tend to make the below mentioned common mistakes while facing Insomnia that needs to avoided and require focusing on other things and activities:

 Constantly staying in the bed and staring at the ceiling

While suffering from Insomnia, you generally lie down in the bed and stare in the bed without enjoying the luxuries of sleep. But don’t remain in your bed for more than 15 minutes if sleep is evading you. Instead, leave your room and engage in something quite, like watching a boring television serial while sitting in a comfortable chair or reading. This will constantly remind your brain that your bed is meant to be slept in, not for lying awake and staring at the ceiling.

 Looking at the clock

When you experience Insomnia, you constantly look at the clock which reinforces the idea in your mind that you will never be able to get back to sleep and constantly suffer from Insomnia.

This may further frustrate you and make your anxious. Therefore, you need to either hide the clock under your bed, in the drawer or turn the clock towards your wall. This may make you forget that you are victim of Insomnia and you may even get blessed with some hours of peaceful sleep.

 Sitting under bright light

Bright light have the tendency to disrupt the production of mlatonin, which is a hormone regulating sleep in your brain. Therefore, when you experience Insomnia and decide to get up to read, watch, television or work on your computer, make sure that the reading light in dim.

Doing something stimulating

Insomnia often makes you do something stimulating like balancing your checkbook, solving an interesting puzzle to pass the time. But don’t engage in something stimulating as this may keep your mind alert and working. Instead, opt for anything that can give your brain a much needed break such as reading a boring book or watching a boring television serial.

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