Steps to Effectively Treat Sore Throat

Steps to Effectively Treat Sore Throat

Steps to Effectively Treat Sore Throat

Almost all of us are quite familiar with the uneasy signs and symptoms of sore throat: raw feeling, pain while swallowing and scratchiness. Sore throat cannot be regarded as a disease by itself- in fact, it is a symptom of some other ailment, like flu, strep or cold. But, a painful throat is the first and foremost symptom.

The good news is that with few measures you can actually effectively manage and treat your sore throat.

Step 1: Know the cause of Sore Throat

Deciphering the reason for your sore throat will really make a difference in the ways of handling the pain. The most viable way to discover the cause is through the examination of the accompanying symptoms.

  • Sore throat is most often noticed with common cold due to the drainage (from the sinus passages) to the back of the throat.
  • Streptococcal infection forms another cause of a sore throat. It frequently comes along with fever, headache or stomach pain may precede the sore throat.
  • Two more causes for the sore throat can be mononucleosis and flu. Flu is often accompanied by high fever, fatigue, chills and body aches. Mononucleosis is characterized by loss of appetite, headache, skin rash, tonsils and swollen lymph nodes.

Step 2: Treating of the cause of Sore Throat

By clearly acknowledging and diagnosing the cause of the sore throat, you can head towards the road of recovery.

  • If the reason of the sore throat is flu, then prescribed medicines will help in effectively treating the condition. Just visit a doctor as and when you notice the first symptom of flu.
  • If you discover cold as the cause, then try drinking plenty of fluids till the virus runs its course.
  • For the treatment of Streptococcal infection, the best way is visit to the doctor for adequate antibiotic treatment.  The most viable way of screening of Streptococci bacteriae is through waiting 24 hours before visiting the doctor, as the bacteria takes some time before showing up positive on a rapid streptococcal screening.

Step 3: Treating the pain

While you wait for your body to fully recuperate, you have to deal with the sore throat. But you can relieve the discomfort through varied measures.

  • Gargles with warm salt water works well
  • Prefer cold or cool water while suffering from sore throat, as warm or hot water can increase the swelling.
  • Avoid continuous speech and give rest to your voice. This may stop laryngitis from occurring and also curb the irritation.
  • Consume fluids from time to time and use throat lozenges.
  • Mix honey and lemon in a cup of hot water and let it cool to room temperature. Drink this mixture and you will feel instant relief from discomfort due to sore throat.

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