Let the Light Shine in Someone’s Life- Donate Organs

Let the Light Shine in Someone’s Life- Donate Organs

Let the Light Shine in Someone’s Life- Donate Organs

The people all across the world are becoming more and more prone towards varied diseases,   including heart problems, kidney issues, eye disorders and various other ailments. With the ever increasing number of diseases, the number of people suffering organ failures is also skyrocketing. Every year lakhs of people all around the world die due to unavailability of organs for organ transplants.

Organ donation is a worthwhile, a generous decision and a life saver. But unfortunately thousands of people are waiting for an organ donation call to get a second chance at life. Do you know that you can save or improve as many as 50 lives by donating your organs after you die? But due to lack of information and myths hovering organ donation, people rarely take up this noble cause. So, understanding organ donation can make you feel better and help you see organ donation in a better light.   This write up will enlighten you about the various and common myths due to which people often hesitate to donate their organs, thereby reducing the chances of living of other diseased people.

MYTH I- If the doctors in the intensive care unit come to know that the patient is an organ donor, they won’t try hard to save him.

FACT– Doctors focus is entirely in saving your life and not anybody else’s as soon as you enter the hospital for treatment. After brain death occurs, then only organ donation is considered. The medical team treating you has nothing to do with transplantation.

MYTH 2– Organ donation is against my religion

FACT: Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Catholicism are compatible to organ donation or leave it to the individual to decide for him/her. A member of your clergy can be clarified in case you are unsure of your religious position or you can even check different website which provides religious views on organ donation.

MYTH 3- Nobody will want my organs as I am old

FACT: Organs from donors in their 70’s and 80’s have been successfully transplanted as there is no defined cut-off age. It is only the doctors who can decide whether the organs are suitable for transplantation at the time of death, so don’t disqualify yourself permanently.

MYTH 4– Body is mutilated by organ and tissue donation

FACT: There are no visible signs of organ or tissue donation as the donor’s body is clothed for burial. An artificial eye is inserted after eye donation, a rod is inserted after bone donation and a thin layer of skin is taken from the donor’s back with skin donation.

MYTH 5- The donor’s family is charged for donating organ

FACT: For donating organs, the donor’s family is never charged. Only the cost of all final effort to save the donors life is charged by the family. Costs for organ removal are beared by the person who receives it.

MYTH 6– Only the heart, the liver and the kidney can be donated.

FACT: Other organs such as the stomach, the lungs, small and large intestines and the pancreas can be transplanted. Tissues such as bone, heart valves, tendons and skin can also be donated.

MYTH 7– Rich and famous people are given priority when they need a donor organ

FACT: Severity of illness, blood type and time spent waiting is what really counts. When determining organ recipients, gender, age, race, celebrity status and income are never considered, because the system is blind to wealth or social status.

MYTH 8– Nobody would want my organs as I’m not in the best of health

 FACT: The decision to use an organ is based on strict medical criteria. Sometimes it is seen that certain organs are not fit for transplantation while other organs are fine. Only medical experts can say whether an organ is suitable for transplantation or not.

This article must have enlightened you about the importance of organ donation and the myths associated with organ donation, which everyone need to overcome. Lightening someone’s life is the biggest gift you can bestow on someone. Nowadays even newspapers and televisions are widely promoting the cause of organ donation. So, take the path to organ donation and help in saving lives of people

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