Ensure Safe Pregnancy through Gestational Diabetes Test


Ensure Safe Pregnancy through Gestational Diabetes Test

Ensure Safe Pregnancy through Gestational Diabetes Test

What is Gestational Diabetes?

It is a type of diabetes which develops when a woman is pregnant. It can affect her health as well as the fetus in the womb.

Suffering from gestational diabetes is a very common problem seen during the pregnancy phase. Those would-be-mothers who may be perfectly fine can also get affected by the same within the nine months. Few unfortunate who already have diabetes can bear the consequences of it and need to stay quite alert to have its influence to the minimum. But this condition can affect anyone, even if you are in the childbearing age group and intending to conceive a child.

Why is routine blood sugar test done during pregnancy?

Routine blood test is advised to all the pregnant women to determine if she has developed gestational diabetes. Although no one would like to have this type of diabetes, its diagnosis early in the pregnancy months (fifth or sixth) can help to encourage right development of the fetus through proper medications. Eventually, the mother’s health needs to be adequately taken care of.

Do you need to have family history for getting Gestational Diabetes?

No, it is not necessary that women having family history of diabetes are more prone to gestational diabetes as it occurs when the body is not making use of the sugar in the blood as much as it should. Due to this, the blood sugar levels enhance very quickly in pregnant women and the tests come out positive.  Around 4 percent of pregnant women are diagnosed with this condition.

Why is the Gestational Diabetes test suggested more in the 6th month of pregnancy?

The condition is more frequently diagnosed during 5th or 6th month of pregnancy i.e. between 24th  to 28th pregnancy term.

Why is Gestational Diabetes different from Type I or II diabetes?

This is so because, gestational diabetes most often vanishes after the baby is born whereas the other diabetic conditions stay on.

How can Gestational Diabetes affect your baby?

It can affect the health condition of the baby if it is not treated and controlled through proper medication from the period it is diagnosed. The pregnant woman does not put on weight and cannot provide the baby with essential nutrients and growth benefiting components.

Gestational diabetes can also lead to preterm labor. The baby of a woman having this condition is very large; hence it’s not possible to deliver it vaginally due to which cesarean section is required.

What complications can Gestational Diabetes cause in your baby?

If it is not controlled, the baby may suffer from underdeveloped brain or other parts of the body. He/she can suffer from blood sugar problem right from birth, may be prone to suffer from jaundice and the weight of the baby is more than average, making normal delivery almost impossible.

What is the treatment for controlling Gestational Diabetes?

Diet should be highly disciplined and the pregnant woman should follow it strictly as per the instructions of her doctor. Mostly, the diet will have low carbohydrate food items. Medications along with insulin injections too are prescribed which have to be taken according to the instructions. All this if followed properly can keep the gestational diabetes under control and the pregnant lady can give birth to a normal baby.

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