Stop Arthritis from entering through your office premises

Stop Arthritis from entering through your office premises

Stop Arthritis from entering through your office premises

With the competitive environment all around and the mission to reach the zenith of success, people seldom take care of their health and lifestyle. But as our declining health starts taking its toll on our work capacity and stamina, we suddenly realize that we can no longer ignore it.

Have you ever given it a thought that our jobs, no matter how easy or stressful can greatly influence our well being?  From working on our computers for hours at a stretch, or sitting in the same position for too long, all these minor issues can lead to long term health problems like arthritis and obesity.

If you have started facing complications such as pain in the wrist, joints, back or knee or have swollen wrists, then its time to make some vital changes in your working ambience!

According to the verse of Dr Vijay Surase, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, the biological lifestyles of the people having the night shift jobs are disrupted completely and they can suffer myriads of problems including arthritis, obesity, hypertension and digestive issues later in their life. But, the health problems are not restricted to people who are working at odd hours! Instead, most of the people have sedentary working environments which highly enhance the risks of prostrate cancer, colon and arthritis. The doctors even voice that the people who are sitting in front of their computers for long hours with no physical activity are more prone to developing cardiac problems as compared to the normal individuals. Hours of sitting exhausts minimal energy which makes people more susceptible to diseases like arthritis, obesity and diabetes.

Therefore, whenever your cell phone rings, stand up and talk. Apart from increasing your physical activity, it will also provide the added benefit of better sound quality by bestowing energy to your voice. It’s the general norm of the people to sit in the arranged chairs in a meeting. But, if you really care about your health and ever enhancing health issues, try organizing standing meetings. Also, drink lots of water which will not only keep all your toxins at bay and gift you radiating skin, but will also induce you to take frequent bathroom break and ensure that you are not sitting in the same position for too long.

Another ingenious way suggested by Dr. Surase is that instead of communicating with your subordinates or colleagues through e-mail, pay them a visit from time to time and continue the mobility.

Dr. Shreedhar Archik, a leading joint replacement surgeon also points at a very alarming discovery that now the patients having the complains of back aches, neck pains and other disorders are often under the age group of 28 to 48 years, which was earlier restricted to much older people.  Also, the number of younger people seeking a joint replacement surgery has remarkably gone up. Nowadays, the father is seen accompanying his son for the knee replacement surgeries instead of it being in the reverse order!

Hence, its suggested for all the working people and others to maintain a strict balance between their health and work and increase their physical activities, include diet rich antioxidants which can help in combating Arthritis and induce a culture of exercise.

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