Unite for Diabetes!

Unite for Diabetes!

Unite for Diabetes!

Every year, 14th of November is celebrated as the World Diabetes Day as a part of the primary global awareness campaign. This date marks the birthday of Frederick Banting who is credited with the discovery of insulin in 1921.

Diabetes is a growing problem in India and in fact India has become the diabetes capital of the World. Once you are detected with the disease your whole life changes.

What is Diabetes?

All carbohydrates that we eat, gets broken down to glucose that provides energy to our bodies. Hormone-insulin helps body to use glucose for use as fuel. Insulin is secreted by pancreas by specialized cells. When the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body’s cells become insulin resistant, the glucose starts collecting in the blood, increasing blood sugar levels, causing Diabetes.

Being overweight or being older may predispose you to Diabetes. Age, family history, activity level, smoking, high BP are other factors which predispose you to Diabetes.

Why is exercise important for Diabetics?

  • Exercise can help you lose weight, lowers your blood sugar level thereby boosts your sensitivity to insulin which helps to keep your blood sugar within a normal range.
  • Regular exercise reduces your chances of heart disease, lowers the bad cholesterol levels and overall builds your muscle strength and tone.

 Healthy eating habits for Diabetics

  • Fibers can help you reduce your risk of Diabetes by improving your blood sugar level, lower the risk of heart disease and will also promote weight loss by helping you feel full.
  • Always keep a note on the calories, carbs and sodium intake when drinking fruits and vegetable juices.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables whole is important too as these contain more fiber.

Foot Care for Diabetics

  • Wash your feet in lukewarm water once a day. Use a pumice stone to gently rub the skin where calluses form easily.
  • Buy comfortable shoes that do not fit tightly and that provide support and cushioning for the heel, arch and ball of the foot.
  • Contact your doctor if you have a foot sore that doesn’t begin to heal within a few days or other persistent problems with your feet.

Dental Care tips for Diabetics

  • Keep your blood sugar as close to normal as possible, and don’t forget to tell the status of your sugar levels to the dentist.
  • Get your teeth & gums cleaned & checked by your dentist at least twice a year.
  • Use dental floss once a day to prevent plaque buildup in between & on teeth’s.
  • Keep in mind that healing may take longer in people with diabetes & postpone non emergency dental care if blood sugar levels are not in control.

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