Easy and fun way to ensure strong bones: Sun Bath

Bone development is an essential health concern for people across all age groups. For infants and young kids, improper bone growth can cause stunted growth and for grown ups it can lead to Osteoporosis, i.e. a weakened bone structure that is prone to fractures.

 Thankfully researchers say that one can take a number of steps in their daily life that will promote bone development. These steps include taking a calcium rich diet containing vitamins C, A, and D, exposure to right amount of sunlight and regular exercises.

Exposure to adequate amount of sunlight is critical for the healthy development of bones, especially for babies up-to 12 months and young children. Newborn infants depend on their mother’s Vitamin D store during pregnancy for their Vitamin D requirement.  At birth, they usually have approx 50 to 60 percent of their mother’s Vitamin D store. Vitamin D helps protect their bones. It is essential for bone development, but is a part of very few food items. It is also called Sunshine Vitamin as it is manufactured in the body when the ultraviolet rays from the sun fall on the skin.

Insufficient consumption of Vitamin D will not only cause Rickets in an individual, but also lead to increased risks of Cancers, Multiple Seclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Cardiovascular Diseases apart from Osteoporosis and Osteomalacia.

Of all the essential nutrients, Vitamin D is the most crucial to Calcium absorption and therefore particularly required for maintenance of healthy bones. It can be consumed in the form of dairy products and in some fish. A number of breakfast cereals also come with added Vitamin D supplements.

Adequate exposure to sunlight can also help in bone development by supplying right amounts of Vitamin D. Sensible exposure to the sun consisting of three sessions fifteen minute each, weekly sun exposure is sufficient for the body for its much needed dose of this element.  It is important to note here that more than required that is, increased exposure to the sun can also lead to Skin Cancer. What we are trying to say that one should take in Vitamin Sunshine in the right amount, neither less nor much.

In absence of sunlight the bones will not be able to calcify. Sunlight is crucial for the healthy development of the immune system and promotes oxygenation of the skin. Sunlight can even decrease blood sugar. Another thing about sunlight is that it brings forth more blood to the skin surface that aids the healing of bruises, cuts and rashes. Sunlight has the capacity to speed the healing of open wounds and broken bones and improves eye-sight and hormones.

To summarize, sunlight can:

  • Increase the density of bones and strength of muscles 
  • Make blood richer 
  • Make nerves healthier 
  • Assist in Mineralizing of bones on exposure of the skin to sun light 
  • Increases the levels of iron in the blood 
  • Sunshine can effectively cut the risks of Breast Cancer by 40% and Ovarian Cancer by 80% 
  • Has a normalizing effect on Hormone levels 
  • Kills most types of molds, fungus and yeast on direct exposure to sunlight.

So what are you waiting for, get the sunbathing hat right now and head out in the sun!

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