Is Sugar bad for you?

Is Sugar bad for you?

Is Sugar bad for you?

Is sugar bad for you is a compelling question that has left almost all in dilemma, some recommend but some strictly absolute it. It is an instant source of energy but excess can cause issues. A balance is to be stroked for sure to keep the zeal high and also never let fall prey of the following:

  • Weakens immune system: Sugar in turn suppresses inherent immunity and sets one prone to infections and affections.
  • Causes Diabetes: Chronic high sugar levels after an extent remain unresolved with insulin leading to diabetes it may not have direct effects but links suggest strong connections.
  • Depriving minerals: Sugar disrupts mineral equations within the system. Its higher levels can level one chromium and copper deficient and also decrease calcium magnesium absorption.
  • Interfere digestion: Sugar can lead to stomach aches, indigestion, acidity, regurgitations, heart burn, diarrhea and constipation.
  • Obesity hassles: Sugar over indulgences in form of ice creams, chocolates, cakes all can open direct gateways to fat bulk beneath with no nutrition.
  • Sugar and cancer: Cancer is one of the most feared medicinal aspects of all and it has a few evidences to prove its role in ovarian, renal, liver and endometrial carcinoma.
  • Premature ageing: Studies reveal that higher sugar let the tissue loose elasticity and as a result may show up direct effects on the skin in form of wrinkles and fine lines. So next times having the sugary waffle try being a little cautious. Another addition to it is lower vitamin A levels that pop in presence of high sugar.
  • Migraine triggers: Half sided headaches with nausea and vomiting are seen to flare up with a candy too, where the sugar within form permutations and combinations to light the spark.
  • Sugar and tooth decay: Time memorial saying of sweets and teeth. Decay, erosions, yellowness all can come up with direct sugar contact with the teeth enamel on regular basis.
  • Sets in lethargy: Excess sugar or glucose within the circulation has shown many to just stay close to bed relax and do nothing at all. Laziness as the elderly say is bound to happen with a sweetly filled tummy.
  • Addictive in nature.

The above for sure is not a favour some question to ask is sugar bad for you, but part from all this too its benefits have places:

  • Depression: Very well adapted by psychiatrist all over the world sugar can make anyone escape a dark gloomy evening with just an ice cream cone.

The write is not to put forth a give up on sugar but it is an eye opener to its excess harms. If inculcated wisely sugar luxuries can too act friendly giving only taste with no unhealthy issues to name.

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